Every other day
3-4 days
5+ days


I had the WORST hair and skin of my LIFE when I experimented with elasticating my routine by washing my head hair only once every 3-4 days. The oversecretion of oil was monstrous and frightening. It took me months to repair the damage.

Type 1B hair and tropical climate, since too many gynes aren’t mentioning either even though it’s relevant! All you “no poo” proselytisers can back away from the long stick I’m brandishing while hissing, sorry not sorry.

I’m with you. I used to wash every day and it was fine. I’m currently having better results 3x week but no poo is some BS and I look and feel so oily and gross.

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Ahhh I have straight hair but I'm naturally just... so dry usually. And yeah I can't go no-poo, salicylic acid is the only shampoo that kept my scalp from getting like? Acne? Idk. It works for me

I wish I could go longer between washes; I even tried “training” my scalp by stretching washes during the lockdown, but I need to wash at least every other day. I have fine, straight hair, and it looks greasy AF very quickly.

I have a skin condition that makes my skin very dry, which can be quite painful at times if I don't use skin lotions and the like. Taking showers means excessive amounts of water evaporates from my skin, and so I get even drier. To limit exposure to this torture, I shower once a week.

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What are your favorite/most effective lotions? I'm a dryish person myself and I need to be more diligent...

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About weekly, but I had to do it two times per week when I lived in a large, polluted city. The environment, daily combing and protective hairstyles (I usually do two braids that I pin at the back of my head) keeps the hair clean and healthy. Also I have wavy/curly hair and even though I love the fluffy look when it's down, I never wear it like that because afterwards it takes hours to detangle. Braids mean the hair stays detangled and it's quick to comb through in the morning.

That's how it was done historically, we only started washing our hair very often in the 19th century: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03BfU7GrXdc

I also have wavy/curly hair (2c~3a) and I keep my hair braided everyday, I only comb it before washing, though. otherwise I detangle with my fingers best as I could, without destroying the structure of my curls. even after combing, they still hold their shape quite well now.

I also wash my hair about once a week. my hair strands are also very thick (I'm South Asian, we thick hair genes), so they take a long time to get greasy.

I'm curious, how long is your hair? mine reaches my hips when stretched.

Mine isn't that long yet, goes about to my armpits. I hope to have the patience to grow it out until about mid-back, so that I can play with historical hairstyles.

It's cool that such a low maintenance method works for you with such long hair! If I don't comb out or at least brush my hair daily, my scalp feels dirty and itchy :(

long hair is so fun! but a hassle too lol. I keep mine braided most of the time.

Every day. I exercise daily and simply can’t imagine letting the sweat and dead skin build up. I also live in an area with a lot of air pollution and allergens.

I wash it every 3-4 days on average. Any more often and it dries out.

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5+ days even though it's long and the weather here is humid ._. Don't judge me I stay at home and work from home no one sees me, I can slob as much as I want

If I'm going out probably in the vicinity of every 2-3 days, it gets gross around the third day or so

And when I was living overseas and it was in winter's asscrack including windchill it was every 3-4 days because constantly washing really damaged it

Edit: I normally don't use conditioner but it's really helped with detangling amd knots so I do it now

I'm one of the weirdos (apparently) who washes their hair daily. Not for any solid reason, I just like shampooing my hair. I like stuff with pleasant scents in general. Scented candles, house perfumes, deodorant... Shampoo is just another aspect of it. I have a nice citrusy one at the moment, it's wonderful. I also like how my hair feels when it's freshly washed.

For a while I did try only washing every other day but it really wasn't as pleasant for me.

Daily. I have seborrheic dermatitis, and daily washing really helps.

Have you ever tried shampoo with ketoconazole in it?

My son has seb derm. I took the shampoo I like for him to a pharmacy rhat can ‘compound’ medication, creams, etc and they were able to make my favorite shampoo ’medicated’.

Now I just do his hair a few times per week

I have been religiously using Glycosan shampoo (the one for psoriasis and dermatitis), and it has been a game changer.

At this point I am used to washing my hair daily - it only takes a few extra minutes while I'm in the shower anyway. My hair goes slightly below my shoulders and I don't style it, so it doesn't feel like a chore. Also, I shower in the evenings, so there is no rush to get it dry quickly.

Plus, even with regular treatment, seb derm means more build up than normal, so it feels super nice to always have a clean scalp.

Thank you for the ketoconazole tip, I'll check it out!

It sounds like your system works for you 🙂

If you do happen to try it, let me know. I’m just curious if it helps others

My son has autism and is 14. He and I both hate shampooing his hair so twice a week is perfect for us

I do my hair 2-3 times a week and love how it feels freshly washed. I totally see how you love that daily washed feeling, it just wouldn’t work for my hair

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