Originally when artificial wombs hit mainstream media it still needed to be inside a mouses womb for a couple of days, but now this research team figured out how to grow an embryo without needing the mouses womb at all. A lot of female mouses have died for this they use to have to dissect to get embryos.

Currently this team has shifted to synthetic embryo, and not currently trying to fully develop an embryo.

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Seeing the tech in action is so wild. So much cutting-edge machinery looks haphazardly put together and yet does such incredible work.

I wonder what uses these'll have in research and medicine... I know certain kinds of cells are still in high demand.

EDIT: I looked at a few articles about this. Apparently this project is about figuring out how an embryo generates organs! :o

They have a very long way to go before getting a viable newborn mammal.

The process of pregnancy is incredibly complex. Here is an article with just an overview https://aeon.co/essays/why-pregnancy-is-a-biological-war-between-mother-and-baby

On a serious note, how do women here feel about this?

On one hand, pregnancy is extremely dangerous.

On another, many women find it an essential part of the maternal bonding process.

On the other, it will allow women to continue working and perhaps have to take fewer career breaks.

On the other, this will no doubt only be used by wealthy women and will probably contribute to the wealth gap increasing.

On the other, this is already happening and at least this way no surrogates will be harmed.

Genuinely. I have a lot of mixed feelings here.

I think it could ultimately be dangerous for women, and at the very least would radically shift the dynamic between men and women (and I suspect not in our favor). One of the things that sets us most apart from other marginalized groups is that our oppressors need us. As much as they hate us, as much as they subjugate us, they need us, and they need us in greater numbers than we need them, for them to have 'heirs,' for the next generation of workforce to be born and to mature into being useful. Genocide has never fully been on the table with us like it has with other marginalized groups, because doing so would lead to men's own destruction and on some level they know it. So I do feel uneasy seeing them trying so hard to find ways to artificially recreate the things they need us for (not that I don't expect that even if successful, they'd still want us to do all of the free work they still depend on us to do, to serve them, but those are things they often overlook).

I don't like it. It's as if men see nature and our bodies, our reproduction as the last frontier. I can't really give a coherent argument, I just feel very bad and in danger when I think about reproduction becoming separated from our bodies.

It's like we're not humans any more, but biological machines. And if we're machines, then we'll be treated as such.

Yup, totally get that. I'm not in favour of it although I can see some benefits, and I am trying to pinpoint why I feel this way.

Thank you for your comment. This has given me a lot to think about. Thanks again.