But misogyny was invented by white folks along with transphobia, racism, malaria, and male-pattern baldness.

I fucking hate white libfems that sprout that shit. I’m latina and the machismo in Latin men is fucking disgusting.

Black women, Asian women, middle eastern women, I all see them saying the same things I do online about their own respective men.

White men are not some monolith of evil and minority men are not just poor oppressed victims. They turn around and push down and degrade their own women then treat white women as both “whores” and a status symbol all in one. Women are just an ends for a mean for men and his skin color doesn’t change that.

It is sad this needs to be said, but indigenous people are not some view into the past. They been around as long as we all have, and went though as many changes we have. They are not some stand still in time.

Men being very chill lol

The Santee Dakota one is interesting to me how these young men violated peace ceremonies. The glory seems to be extremely worth it to ignore social norms like that.

It seems as though one of the problems is that battle & lethal aggression was seen as a means to achieve status and admiration, perhaps the only way for a low-status male who would not be promised an inherited role.

It still is, unfortunately, guess that is why active sport is a good redirection of that destructive energy. Just the billions of dollars and lives poured into sport is enough of an indication to see how deep this need is for humans.

This reminds me a lot of what happens in Balkan blood feuds, or with gang BS, when you have young men who believe violence is status and honor theres really no way to control them. You can work hard to negotiate a truce and then some macho fucker starts it all up again