On windows computers, you can open a sticky note to cover (part of) any other application window - I use this to cover my face in Zoom meetings / on video calls with friends. It is very uncanny to keep seeing myself in real-time.

I don't hate my appearance by any means, but I started scrutinising my laugh, the way I make expressions, my resting face. It's exhausting and detracts from my focus on the conversation. Not surprised that it fuels insecurity and cosmetic surgery.


there’s been an uptick in cosmetic procedures since Zoom meetings started. This has been attributed to a new phenomenon: body dysmorphia’s cousin, Zoom dysmorphia, as these flaws are perceived only through video. It’s unnatural to stare at yourself many hours side by side with other people’s profiles during social interactions. It causes self-image issues to develop. Furthermore, poor lighting, distance from the camera, camera angle, and camera lens diameter distort your image. You’re not seeing a true representation of yourself. Women in particular report feeling more tired after Zoom meetings.

It’s advised to especially stay away from social media after Zoom meetings because your tiredness and negative feelings about your video self make you more susceptible to the harms of filtered, unrealistic Instagram photos where the influencers don’t even look like themselves in real life. Furthermore, people say mean things about influencer’s appearances and it further adds to your negativity to see these carefully curated fake edited photos being crapped on.

Oh hey, been doing that since day 1, I hate video chatting with a passion for this exact reason. Makes me too self conscious, and I don't participate in conversation the way I normally do when I can't see my own face. The few times I've been obligated to video chat over a phone call, I made sure I was backlit so I didn't have to stare into my own face. Worked fine although other people are extremely put off by it lol

Never used Zoom. I use Whatsapp (which is a PITA because it only works on my phone, not my iPad) to catch up with two friends. Luckily we’re all well past the age where we do makeup, or expect cameras to be anything but unflattering, lol. I don’t mind seeing myself, because there’s always the chance one of the kitties will photobomb, and that’s always worthwhile.

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