I went to see a new apartment, week ago, but I also ended up watching his dildo collection.


No, I still don't have an apartment...

I went to see a new apartment, week ago, but I also ended up watching his dildo collection. I HATE HOW MEN EXPLOIT OUR NEEDS!!! I HATE HOW MEN EXPLOIT OUR NEEDS!!! I HATE HOW MEN EXPLOIT OUR NEEDS, for their own sexual depravity!!! No, I still don't have an apartment...


So gross. I'm sorry you had to go through that experience OP.

BTW I hate them too.

Did the ad say this was a roommate situation with a man? Misleading advertisement if it did not mention the roommate being male... You could report the account or whatever that posted this room ad. Because this is not ok. Report him to the website or place where you found this ad.

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Agree. Not sure why women continue to partner with and create more of them, especially when they see who men are.

Also don't like men larping as women on Ovarit to pit women against each other.

I love the post title, glad there are sisters here who share my interests.

I hope you find a home with another woman or women.

Excuse me but WHAT THE FUCK?? how did he even find that amount of audacity? Did he just have them out on display or did he bring them out? Either way dude needs to be on some kind of list.

He is probably fishing for someone with f up boundaries/desperate enough to "not notice" so he can then up the ante. I'm so happy you got out of there.

I’m so sorry, OP. Men are disgusting. I often wonder why are they even allowed to exist?

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Good god almighty,
Stories like this almost make me feel... sheltered, FFS.

Despite being regularly drawn to eccentrics and even a few downright weirdos, I have never walked or been thrown into something with nearly this level of potential to fuck up my broadly healthy, if a bit overexuberant, sexuality (by creating associations that are just gross and repulsive and nasty, which several friends sweat up and down can be harder to remove or reframe than actual trauma—even repeated violent trauma in the case of one friend).

Eep. Girl I'm so sorry you have to exist on the same earth as that.

FWIW, dildos aren't, and have never been, designed with Female pleasure as a primary objective.

The main point of dildos is revealed by the fact that they look exactly like dicks (+ adjacent structures). Not just like dicks, but so granularly like they're the individual dick of exactly one specific boytype human (whose modeling job will never ever be known to anyone ever, ahah), with far too much detail to be some sort of sweeping general representation.
Regardless of where you land in our reaction to it, from offput to intrigued, this is FACTUALLY weird as hell. Can you name any other representation of a piece of human anatomy with so much detail on its superficial, non-functional surface? Even relatively expensive prostheses whose only purpose is to boost appearances, such as crafted breast forms that some Women wear after a preventive mastectomy (esp if only a single mastectomy) have NOWHERE CLOSE to that level of surface detail. This tends to be true even for the cheapest dildos—the kind that will combine with lubes to form slimy emulsions along the interface where they meet 😂😂 (ew.)

Now... About that.

The first thing proved beyond a doubt by the insanely high-fidelity visual-dick-pandering is that the dildo has NEVER EVER been intended primarily to be a vector of Female pleasure.
Simply put, technological items that DO have that purpose are... just weird-looking. If you are willing to pay gigantic gobs of money, you can find versions where that weirdness is rendered into actual beauty—with Lelo(? maybe not quite right, but it's definitely L, vowel, L, other vowel) vibrators, which are as aesthetically gorgeous as their $200-300 price point is ugly, as a great example.

But there you go. Vibrators ARE maximally ergonomic pleasure vectors, and, like any other maximally ergonomic anything-at-all-giver, they look nothing like any anatomical organ, whether human, animal or even plant in origin. They just look like Weird Tech Things, with that minimalist bubblyish shape that every single '80's movie about the future showed as being every-goddam-where (along with flying cars which never got into traffic...) The shape of a dildo is proof that it is not primarily a giver of anything at all whatsoever.

So what is it?

Well, i mean COME ON. You all are veterans of way too many years of TIM fragility and endless neediness and horrible reactive violent tendencies against anyone who doesn't want to be with them, cough cough lesbians cough cough.
THAT is what dildos primarily are. They're objects that are, in the estimation of a great many (I am comfortable saying most) Women, just kinda awkward to use, but they sure as shit stand as a visual symbol that a dick is 'necessary' to have around when sex is being had.

Dildos are LITERAL trophies to the fragile male sexual ego.

They also further enshrine every single dumbfuck male obsession about dicks, such as the outrageously stupid idea that bigger is better all the way up to infinity. As a result, most dildos are just unnecessarily fucking big. Except for the rabbit type ones that you don't insert more than an inch deep... where are the ones the size of TYPICAL boy parts, which have evolved to be "typical" over millions of years certainly not because they're 'too small'?
But comically over-long and over-girthy ones—where that's over-long even after allowing a couple inches for being hand held at the bottom—are all over the place. Cui bono?
Who's the audience?
How is the audience being serviced?

You get me.

As the final bit of proof here, please consider the fact that back in the seventies, when strap-on dongs were very strongly correlated with lesbian sex (not by any greater use necessarily, but by NOT being used by straight couples: 'Pegging' didn't even have a name until 2001, when x-rated agony aunt Dan Savage picked it as the winner as a "name this sex act" call-in contest.)... they looked like dicks, almost full-stop. (I went to one of those sex museums once, okay)
In other words, they were manufactured as a visual aid to go along with "You just haven't tried the right dick yet baby".

And now that 'pegging' is a thing (and the phrase "Happy wife, happy life" is now much nastier and more delightfully threatening than it once was, heh heh), suddenly, there's all these smooth, even pretty, pink and baby blue and other pastel-colored easterbunny-type dongs. Why? Because a solid majority of the male population would FREAK at the 'gay'-ness of a strap-on dong that looked THAT much like a dick, of course.... possibly even to the point of retributive violence in some cultures.
So you have today's pretty pretty strap-on dongs, so that you can make your boyfriend bite the pillow and beat him up from the inside out without making him spend the rest of his life agonizing on whether he must be 'gay' now.

SMH imagine how much more fun could be had if boys weren't so pathetic and easily breakable (not just damage-able, but breakable)

I always assumed the realistic ones were for those of us who get turned on by real penises.

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I'll admit I'm not familiar with older 'models' of dildo since I only started looking into them as an adult in 2020 - but there are some that have very non phallic shapes for g-spotting that are designed with only female pleasure in mind (the njoy Pure wand and many glass dildos come to mind).

As you noted though, they all come with eyewatering prices - albeit worth it since I usually need penetration to get off. As a lesbian, I'm glad that pegging has at least finally forced sex shops to sell non-realistic, pretty coloured ones for strap-ons - because the appearance of a hyper-realistic dildo makes me throw up in my mouth a bit ngl...

Mostly relevant: I have just now been made aware by an art-school graduate Friend that "that shape from '80's movies about the future", which I erroneously presumed nameless, is in fact called a "blobject".
(blob + object)

I honestly thought she was just pulling my leg (Which one would she pull tho, the bio leg or the half prosthetic one?🙃)
but, sure enough, "blobject" even has its own Wikipedia page. Lmao.

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