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Article states several paragraphs in that the woman is Afghani, giving more weight to the need for single-sex shelters.

Libfems talk about intersectionality but never think of people like Muslim women and their heightened needs for female-only spaces.

(EDIT: paragraphs, not chapters)

They prioritize trans over everything now I've seen more then one post on reddit being offended that muslim women won't unveil in front of TIMs

And yet, TIM's want to use these shelters as validation stations while actual women and children are turned away....

And all of these women are expected to accept men in their living quarters in these shelters. It's shameful that we are putting women fleeing male violence with men. No mention of this fact, but it's the reality.

If affordable housing is so hard to find, why not just give people in need enough money to rent market housing, instead of having waitlists of years for subsidized housing? It's not as if you can become lazy on handouts that only cover bare essentials.

Market rent prices are insane. One bedrooms in my rural area are going for $2,200 to $2,800 plus utilities. Houses are renting out at $3,500 - $4,000 plus.

Edit: not to mention that many places require bank statements, letters of employment, and credit checks to even see the rental.

At least in Montreal where Hamidah is rents can be quite cheap. From 2010 to 2015 I paid $500/month for a sort-of studio apartment (a 2 1/2 in Montreal terms because of a tiny kitchen) in a dive on a dive street. There are probably plenty of places like that still (though many are being renovated and converted to subsidized housing) given how many people left Montreal after the separatist movement got going – it upped the vacancy rate.