I have been saying my religious nutjob rightwing family were like this and literally believed this.... This is what the religious right believe, this is who they are. An absolutely disgusting, woman hating, regressive cult.

Everything old is new again. Sounds like 1960 to me.

Remember: Republicans are against the transgender cult but for different reasons than feminists (radical or not).

Repubs want to return to the days of women should be seen and not heard.

Women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

They do not care about women. It’s solely about power and control.

Sounds like prior to 1960 to me. More like 1910. 1960 had lots of "women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen" types, but I don't recall them saying, even then, that women shouldn't be allowed to vote. Of course, I was only 7 years old, but I think I was fairly cognizant of what was going on around me for a little kid.

“Some argue that in a democratic society, it is hypocritical or unjust for women, who are 50% of the population, not to have the vote,” Gibbs argued. “This is obviously not true, since the founding fathers, who understood liberty and democracy better than anyone, did not believe so.

How many slaves did Thomas Jefferson own again?

John Gibbs is actually a black man. So, the founding fathers would have seen him as property, just like women.

It would be almost funny if he wasn't sincere.

What is an especially ironic twist for this originalist, is that the Founding Fathers wouldn't recognize his right to vote as a black man, either.

This is one reason I have reservations about mail in voting. Too many women and young adults live in households where the husband/father thinks everyone in the home must vote how he tells them to.

I can't wait to hear the Republican fans on this site explain this one away.


I can’t ignore all of the myriad of ways that they do not support women simply because we agree that the transing of children and boys in girls sports is wrong.

It does not negate everything else that they do, say and believe.

I'm no fan of Republicans, but the headline is a little misleading. This is based on shit he posted online when he was in college in the early 2000s.

Anne Marie Schieber, a spokesperson for Gibbs’ campaign, told CNN that Gibbs didn’t actually believe women shouldn’t be allowed to vote or work, and advanced the online arguments “to provoke the left on campus and draw attention to the hypocrisy of some modern-day feminists.”

Don't get me wrong, he still sounds like a religious whackjob, and I sincerely hope he does not get elected. But this is not a mainstream Republican position.

But this is not a mainstream Republican position.

I think it may not be mainstream, but he is allowed to carry the Team Flag.

Republicans in Congress have introduced bills to repeal the 19th amendment literally a hundred or so times.

Sounds pretty mainstream of them to me. I don't know if you've noticed but they've gone off the fucking deep end lately.

Another article 11/17/21, reflecting:

Trump-backed House candidate has history of conspiratorial tweets and defended anti-Semitic Twitter account.