Sure Donnie, they're looking for Hillary's emails at Mar-a-Lago.

I'll be happy the day we never have to hear a word from him ever again.

It’s totally depressing to me that 56% of Republicans in the September, 2022 Times/Siena poll still hold a high opinion of him.

I didn’t get Trump support in 2015 and truly do not understand it today.

That's still so insane to me, too. Someone should be able to be a conservative without supporting that.

Don't these people have any standards? At all?

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It's the dumbest shit, same people who cry about the rich and how they can't afford shit. Y'all voted for one of the scummiest rich people out there who robbed you blind. And they still don't see it.Class consciousness is gone. It's truly just about "my team" with politics now.