Yeah, as much as evangelicals are very unhinged about the "mark of the beast" this stuff is truly creepy and insanely dystopian. Even though I have serious problems with cryptomining and stuff it's things like this that prevent me from being fully against them bc at least for now you can achieve a high level of anonymity. I did not support the covid denier truckers but the fact their govt could just freeze their bank accounts was a dire sign.

It may be a small action but this is why I boycott any business that decides to go "cash free." I'm just a working class woman and don't have a lot of financial power but I've eaten my last meal at several local restaurants who decided to try to force us all digital.

(Yes I know they also do it because they are assholes who don't want to serve homeless people, how dare those peasants try to buy a warm meal or a drink from a local establishment!)