The thing that bothers me about these discussions is that people are going "Oh, no! They might force this on everyone!" but low income people/people who rely on government transfers are already incredibly vulnerable to this sort of control. (Can someone explain the justification of food stamps in the US to me? Everywhere else they just give you money and you decide whether to spend it on food or other things. The explanation I've seen is that it was to help farmers sell food by securing a market.) It seems like it's ok if it only happens to the have-nots but a crisis if it ropes everyone in. I say the opposite: try to rope everyone in and it won't happen. I'm more worried about it being used to target the have-nots while the rest of society goes merrily on its way, exempt and completely oblivious.

Yes, you are absolutely right about the poor already being in the grip of this! But I feel that roping everyone in just makes control all the more complete.

You're assuming the rich and upper-middle class won't revolt and insist on exceptions for them. I don't think it will be possible for governments to ever have total control.

I think the elites may be free, but that would only be the top 5% or so. All the rest of us will be monitored, I really feel.