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My mom's gonna be so sad to hear this. Wolf Hall is one of her favorite books and I have seen her read it so many times. She also read the other books in the series so I know a bit about it through her. All I know is that if Hilary Mantel was able to create a series that my mom (who knows a lot about literature) couldn't put down, then she certainly must have been a genius and a master of an author. And 70 is too young for a woman to die at this point in history. She could have had many years left to live. RIP Hilary Mantel.

Oh no! This is such sad news - I love the Wolf Hall series and devoured them. I studied Medieval/Early Modern (the technical term for the period following the Medieval) History in college, and am fascinated with this period to this day.

In addition to great books, Hilary Mantel wrote what I consider to be very important articles about the treatment of women throughout history, how our bodies and interests have been commodified and denigrated. Her article archive on the women of the British royal family caused quite a bit of controversy when it came out.

She also suffered all her life from endometriosis and wrote about that in a moving and powerful way.

And, apparently according to the testerical community of Preddit, she was one of our own! She defended JK Rowling too!