Personally I am not a believer in most if not all things that would fall into those categories, but I love reading books and watching documentaries about that stuff.

What are your beliefs on that stuff?

Personally I am not a believer in most if not all things that would fall into those categories, but I love reading books and watching documentaries about that stuff. What are your beliefs on that stuff?


I don't really believe, but I can't entirely rule it out either. It is hubris to believe we have everything in the physical world figured out. So there could be things which are real and science does not yet recognize or understand, but which folk culture is familiar and is currently assigned to superstition, magic, or religion.

It is hubris to believe we have everything in the physical world figured out.

Completely agree. I've always thought theories about "ghosts" being time-slips or other dimensions were pretty cool and intriguing. Even when I was more of a believer, I always thought there was probably an undiscovered scientific explanation for the supernatural.

A lot of what we consider science now would probably read like witchcraft to those centuries ago.

I believe that there are definitely phenomena we're not able to measure yet, which is the basis of scientific study. A lot of people seem to believe that means these things don't exist, but that's not an accurate way to describe what's happening.

I don't believe any of it, but I dig the aesthetic. I like spooky gothic art and design and that often pulls from the world of occult and religious hocus pocus. Astrology has attractive visuals that I really vibe with, but it's all based on make believe superstitions. I'm fine with that. Lots of beautiful art is based on bullshit I don't believe in.

I hate tarot card readers, psychics, and chi- energy assholes who scam vulnerable people with their garbage cold reading techniques. Fuck those people.

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I don't believe in ghosts, but I wish I could. Life would be much more interesting if they were real. But unfortunately reality is boring and lame.

I used to be on a paranormal investigation team. It was a lot of fun. But the other people on the team were really weird and made me uncomfortable, so I quit. Went on several investigations at various "haunted" places and never saw anything spooky. I also go out of my way to stay at haunted hotels when I travel. I'm literally begging for ghosts to come at me and they won't.


Same! I want to believe 🙂

I've also tried really hard to "invite" ghosts by doing investigations, visiting haunted locations, and I even used to have an office at a school I was at that was in a semi-renovated asylum/TB ward from the 1800s... but nothing. All of the non-experiences actually solidified my skepticism. But still, I think it would be soooo cool if ghosts were real!

I do think it would be kinda cool to have proof that there's an afterlife ... but I have read too many horror stories to want to stay the night in a haunted house. (If it was haunted only by a benevolent ghost, like a white lady who just walks around, I guess I would risk it, but never anything you'd see in a horror story. I'm a sceptic, but I am also very cautious, and ... well, if it could be real, that's too risky for me.)

Paranormal investigation team sounds very cool - a pity they were the wrong kind of weird. (I mean, I figure you could describe any paranormal investigator as weird, but I take it their interest in the supernatural was not what made you uncomfortable.)

That office space sounds amazing. I want to live in a haunted house one day, lol

It was amazing! We would sometimes go exploring in the unrenovated areas that were technically off-limits, and those are some of my favorite memories ever. The place was just abandoned immediately, so there were still items left behind like papers, toys (very creepy, tbh), curtains, furniture, etc. But no ghosts ☹️

A haunted house home would be awesome... hope you find one someday!

What kind of tools did you use on your investigation team?

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Tons of different cameras and they basically had a small wall of monitors to view the video feeds, which was kind of neat because it was exactly what you see in movies. EMP/EVP detectors. I can't remember what it was called exactly, but it was like a small radio tuner that largely emitted static, but sometimes you'd hear weird things on it. Also lots of laser pointers that projected grids onto surfaces.

Setting up and taking down all the cameras and monitors was an arduous and annoying experience every time.

I wish I could remember more of the device names. They had these small, plastic balls with lights on them and it would light up and make noise if it detected something. But for all I know it could be programmed to light up randomly and trick people into thinking there's paranormal activity happening

Omg. Would love to hear more about your investigating days if you'd share!

Sure, is there anything in particular you'd like to know about? There's a ton I could talk about, but I don't want to bore you with a novel.

-What mindset did the team go into things with? Debunking/proving/exploring/or some kind of mix? -how does one get involved in something like that? Did you know them beforehand or seek them out or what?

I am very much a skeptic on basically everything. I doubt I’ll ever believe in the paranormal or supernatural but I do like that kind of fiction and I’ve had my views softened considerably on holistic medicine. I have a dog with epilepsy who didn’t respond to any drugs, I spent years on and off really harsh drugs with awful side effects for him, before I took him to a “holistic” vet clinic that talked about aligning his chakras and all that. I was doing it as a last resort with the expectation I was throwing away money, but if I lost him and I didn’t try absolutely everything I’d never forgive myself. Well, I ate my words. He went from one seizure a month on the strongest meds money can buy, to one or less a year on ozone therapy and special diets with “warm” and “cool” foods and “alignments.” It sounded like absolute nonsense and it still does, but I cannot deny results. I was looking at palliative care a few years ago. There are more things in heaven and earth… I now accept that I do not have the answers and there are things in this world we cannot possibly hope to understand. I’m glad for it, and I hope there is more to learn.

Hm, you know, the "warm" and "cool" food thing in traditional Chinese medicine might have a scientific basis, it's just that modern science hasn't figured out how it works yet. (Of course the same thing could be said of aligning chakras and stuff, but herbal medicine is, like, really close to being figured out.)

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Yeah and the ozone treatment has a definite scientific basis. There are some who are beginning to theorize that diseases like epilepsy (which has no known cause and the “cause” is probably different for different patients), and anxiety, depression, and similar “no known cause” disorders may actually relate to inflammation. So the theory goes (as the holistic vet described) that most people and pets who suffer from those things also suffer from intestinal distress as well, so perhaps there is inflammation somewhere we can’t see, like the brain. So treatments like ozone actually force the immune system to respond to manufactured inflammation and the inflammation causing the issue is caught in the crossfire. Like a vaccine. Then he takes a Chinese herb supplement with anti inflammatory properties, so basically you create the inflammation with ozone, help his immune system fight it with herbs, and he’s also fighting the epilepsy on accident.

I feel very ignorant for trusting western medicine implicitly, even though even western medicine started by sounding like nonsense. Everything we emphatically “know” to be true, started out being unknown or sounding like superstition. My mind is much more open now.

I come from a fairly superstitious and, guess you might call it intuitive? family background, and definitely have that in me. I have never experienced a haunting, I'm not sure I believe in those as generally reported, though they make great stories. But I have several times known things about people I love when they were far away before they told me. And occasionally known the outcome of things in my own life before they happened. So I believe in the second sight, or intuitive knowing or however you want to call it. I'm a great one for the atmosphere of places.

I quite like tarot for myself, I wouldn't pay anyone to read them for me but as a way of focusing the mind it can be interesting.

Fully believe in ghosts. Not necessarily lost souls, but maybe echoes or imprints of energy.

I grew up in a haunted house and every member of my family saw the shadow that would walk back and forth across the old part of the house. Even those who didnt believe in ghosts! My bedroom was also there (Georgian period house) and I had some pretty terrifying experiences in that room with a couple of potential ghosts! I have to admit that these happened in the middle of the night so am willing to concede they may have been odd night hallucinations. Never seen them anywhere else though.

I believe in God, which I guess is supernatural by definition haha.

As for stuff like ghosts, I honestly have an open mind. I definitely think there's more to some stuff than meets the eye, but a lot of things do have a logical explanation. Some of it doesn't seem to have a logical explanation.

I have a dead family member who died as a child. Often when people talk about him lightweight objects will fall off of shelving and stuff. I've seen it happen with my own eyes. Once I spoke of him and my order number sign thing fell off the table at a restaurant. Of course the item could have been placed unstable which is probably the case. But isn't the timing funny? Makes me wonder. I can't say I believe in ghosts in a full and unfailing way, but I haven't ruled them out entirely.

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This is kind of where I'm at. I'm very religious and believe in spirits, but I'm also skeptical of ghost stories in general and think there's usually a logical explanation. That said, I also think there are some things we'll never understand, so I can't definitively say one way or another.

Hah I'm like you. I'm a total skeptic and atheist, but for some reason I LOVE listening to "true scary story" type podcasts or threads. But I have zero interest in horror movies. They have to specifically be "true" first-hand accounts. No idea why I like this stuff. 😅

Ten years ago I would have said that it's all bullshit but I've come to a point where I don't discount anything.

I don't believe in supernatural things but I'm not completely closed off to the idea either. There are so many things that we didn't know existed that we have since discovered or even things we know exists but don't really understand. I mean, there are still so many unanswered questions about death and we've been dying for as long as we've been living.

So basically I don't believe but I don't not believe, either.

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