Just wondering...

What would you use the money for if you started receiving 8000 Dollars per month without having to do anything?

Just wondering... What would you use the money for if you started receiving 8000 Dollars per month without having to do anything?


save $7000 of it, and spend the other $1000 on a fancy meal with my parents, a fancy meal w my SO, and then get a couple of things I've been wanting for a while. after the first month, then I'd use it primarily for adopting and caring for another kitty!

Cat rescue. I am a cliche.

No, you are a wonderful person.

aww, thanks, sister. You'll never know how much this reply meant to me today, I appreciate you taking the time.

Of course. It's such a lovely and selfless dream to have and wanted to acknowledge you for it. <3 that sort of kindness will never be a cliche

I’m afraid I’d use my 8000 to open a sighthound rescue.

And my doggers would eat your cats.

I hope you keep your cat rescue far from my Salukis, because they really can fly.

OP- where do I sign up for my 8000? Is this the funded by Russian bady boos thing the TRAs keep accusing us of? Can I request mine in UK notes. Preferably the ones with women on. Thanks!


I don't need that much and generally enjoy working, so I think I would mostly use it to help women getting out of prostitution. Maybe rent a nice house where these women and I could live - they'd get some peace and quiet while figuring out their next move, I would work part time and in the evening we'd all eat candy and play with the cats.

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Save it until I can afford to buy some land and build a log cabin in the woods.

(Or on farmland. I want to be self-sufficient, but I also like woods. But then, I'd also like internet access. It's difficult)

Ideally, I'd want to use the rest of the money to help other women achieve the same and start a women only village, but I'm not really good with people, so I'd probably just donate to charity.

After tax? Save half and travel with half. I would just backpack around and stay here and there for Longer periods.

Ooh yeah that too. I would wander and explore for a long time.

Pay for Judges to go to domestic violence continuing education classes.

Pay for sexual assault tests to be processed in private labs.

Hire a nanny. Parenting is hard.

Well, firstly. Probably help the people in my life with any debt they have. Fix up our basement bathroom, replace our water softener and furnace.

Other than that? Get my land evaluated, check the acidity and what plot would be best to start a large garden in. Fix up our mouldy, leaking garage to prep for a workshop. Potentially expand the house. Pretty much to start up a homestead.

Any other money after this would be donated regularly to other female separatist locations all over the world. I'd do my damndest to also sponsor women in violent situations to get them out of there. There's also a animal shelter I'm volunteering at, I'd definitely send a big chunk of cash too. Tbh there's just SO MUCH I'd like to do with that money, that I can't think of it all right now.

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