This is fucking terrifying.

"Dark money" is an issue of both sides, so I fear it must be a HUUUUGE issue on the Republican side if they are willing to shield even Dem shit that is obviously caused by billionaires with sick agendas tossing cash into the pot (gender ideology being a huge one), and god that is scary. How much of Republicans evil, I wonder, is enacted solely because it was purchased?

We really need to start eating the rich, as they say.

Welp, a lot of it is probably Russian money, which no doubt would be an especially bad look right now.

Proponents of democracy responded with disgust Thursday after Senate Republicans filibustered the popular DISCLOSE Act, which seeks to expose the super-wealthy donors who are spending unlimited amounts of undisclosed money to ensure that the U.S. government advances their interests at the expense of the vast majority.

As Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), author of the defeated legislation, said in a Wednesday floor speech, the bill's goal is to prevent corporations and billionaires from using dark money loopholes to "spew bile and slime" into the nation's political system.

"Republicans heeded the wishes of dark money donors today, but the fight to pass this bill isn't over."

After all 49 of his GOP colleagues in attendance voted to prevent debate on the legislation endorsed by President Joe Biden, Whitehouse released a statement slamming right-wing lawmakers for fighting to preserve "dark money's poisonous influence over American democracy."

"Today, Senate Republicans stood in lockstep with their megadonors and secretive special interests to protect the most corrupting force in American politics—dark money," said Whitehouse, a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. "The American people are fed up with dark money influence campaigns that rig their government against them and stymie their priorities."

Whitehouse was far from alone in condemning the GOP.

"Once again, Senate Republicans sided with special interests and dark money—and against honest and transparent political debate," Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) tweeted. "Instead of voting for the DISCLOSE Act and cracking down on the dark money in our democracy, Republicans blocked it. Shameful."

Michael Sozan, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, said in a statement that "at a time when the guardrails of our democracy are undergoing a severe stress test, it's lamentable that the Senate minority continues to give corporations, wealthy special interests, and foreign entities the ability to secretly spend vast amounts of money to influence election outcomes."

The GOP is always more upfront about being corrupt. The only reason any Dems voted for it is to virtue signal knowing full well they're never going to have to do the right thing. Every politician in a 2 party system is corrupt because they system is corrupt.

Currently a Republican (Cringeshaw) tops the list of politicians who've made the most money in the stock market for the past year, but the list is bipartisan. Maybe next year is Pelosi's year.