I don’t agree with adults with children under the age of 18 engaging in extreme sports.

Ex, that guy who left his kids without a dad when he died on Everest and his wife then married another mountaineer. (The body was just found a few years ago now that everything is melting up there.)

This is the epitome of selfishness. You don’t care enough about your damn kids to not orphan them?! These people engage in DEADLY activities. She was up there with her damn husband so the chances of these kids having NO parents was so much greater. FOR SHAME. (And I call out men more than women in this realm, BY FAR, so no claims that I’m being misogynistic because I definitely am not.)

Yep, I agree 1000%. I also always call men out for this. It’s very rarely a woman pulling this crap.

Rob Hall

Interestingly, I knew someone whose sister was hiking - her last big trip before adopting a child - and died. It was a minor mountain in Tibet.

Before you judge, maybe you should check out the facts. Nelson‘s kids have their father safe back home. Her current partner had his own kids, but they (and his late wife) died many years ago. Nelson dealt with people guilting her and calling her a terrible mother for going on expeditions all her life.

I agree, there is no logical reason why both parents had to be up there. I pray her family is able to find peace.

Only one parent was on the mountain. Nelson's partner is her second partner - her former husband is the father of her children.

Hilaree Nelson has always been an inspiration and role model for me. Her first descents and experiences are absolutely world class. I'm hoping for a miracle, somehow...

Usually when people go missing in the Himalayas Or some other mountain, it means they have perished.

Their bodies rarely brought back to the families due to the risk of death for those carrying the body on the decent. Temperatures drop, rocks can fall, you can slip on ice, you could have insufficient equipment or clothing, lack of oxygen can make you weaker . There is so many risks , often times bodies become landmarks like Green Boots at Mt. Everest.

I hope she’s miraculously survived but honestly, most of the time they are presumed dead. I feel Bad for the children.

"Ms Nelson, 49, slipped and appeared to fall into a 2,000ft (600m) gap in the ice, known as a crevasse, only 15 minutes after reaching the summit of the 26,781ft peak, according to witness accounts."

That's not survivable, especially at high altitude.

Unfortunately the news reports are sketchy. Some are saying a much smaller (and potentially survivable) crevasse and others are saying a slide down the peak in a different direction. I think survival is very unlikely, but if I’ve ever wanted a survival, now is it.

https://mteveresttoday.com/ probably will have the most up-to-date news (none yet).

Alan Arnette's webpage will also get news quickly. His latest podcast is on Manaslu https://www.alanarnette.com/blog/?s=Hilaree+Nelson&searchsubmit=

This looks good too. I'm glad the avalanche survivors were all evacuated, but no success with the helicopter search for Nelson: https://everestchronicle.com/all-avalanche-survivors-evacuated-hilarees-search-on-the-mountain-called-off-for-the-day/

And thank you!

I hope they find her!

I am glad her partner made it…I assume he is the dad of the kids and they are not orphans