Putin started this madness and seems to double-down with each failure. Take your soldiers and go home Russia.

Russia leaves, war is over.

I know how unpopular my views over this are, so this is all what I'm going to say here. No, I am not pushing Russian propaganda. And, if anyone have any doubt, I condemn the war Russian is waging in Ukraine, the same way I condemn past and current wars waged by the US and its allies. And I don't like double standards. And I, certainly, don't look forward to a likely nuclear apocalypse because of NATO and Russia's deathwishes.

I've been following this on Redacted. I was surprised to see this article say "While NATO and EU countries have rejected peace negotiations, and U.S. and U.K. leaders have actively undermined them" and "decades of war and economic coercion by the United States and its allies", but that jibes with what they're saying at Redacted. Mainstream news outlets in the West are pretty much saying the opposite, though, which is why I was surprised.

As far as I can tell, the war is over if the West acknowledges that the Donbas region has voted to join Russia in order to end the shelling and mistreatment of the Donbas by Ukraine's puppet dictatorship that's been going on for eight years. I think at this point the ball is in the West's court. I don't know why the US/NATO is so keen for war, even to the point of destroying the gas pipelines (which is something the US said would happen if Russia invaded). I'm getting the impression that there are an awful lot of psychopaths in power in the West.

I'm not pro-Russia/invasion here, but I'm not sure how else the situation was supposed to be handled, tbh. It looks like the US/NATO were determined to provoke Russia no matter what.

For some reason I'm not the slightest bit worried about nuclear weapons, though. I don't know why. I was concerned about Ukraine shelling a nuclear power plant. Is that over yet?

It's Russia who started the war. They can end it by scuttling back to their own land, they have plenty of space there.

The west is keeping their promise given at the Budapest memorandum, that they would aid Ukraine in case of war.

Russia has also given a promise in the same Budapest memorandum, that they would not attack Ukraine. They broke this promise.

This whole conflict arises from Russia's insistence that Ukraine is not a real country and should be part of Russia, and getting crazy over the fact that Ukrainian people have thrown away the government who was loyal to Russia, and instead voted in a pro-western one.

And you're suggesting what? That Ukraine should just give away parts of their land, because Russian troops invaded and said that it's theirs now?

Also, it was Russians who were shelling Zoporozhichya. Russians bombing hospitals and residental buildings. Russians torturing, raping and killing indifferentially. And you side with them?

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Both sides shelled civilians etc. No one's a saint here. I don't like any of it. But if people in the Donbas don't want to be part of the Ukraine they shouldn't have to be.

ETA: I gave my source on the shelling of the power plant. People can follow up or not.

Don't "both sides" this. One is a powerful country with imperialistic motives, the other is a much smaller country with toothless military (thanks to the previous pro-russian governments) in a defence position.

Also "people in Donbas" are plants. "Little green men" who for some reason have russian military insignia on. If they don't want to live in Ukraine, they are welcome to scuttle back to their lovely mama rossiya which they originaly came from.

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