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I hate how a woman's choice is framed as a crisis. Maybe the system shouldnt rely on forcing women to give birth.

Edit: also a fuck ton of couples can't even afford housing big enough for a child. Fuck off an fix the economy before demanding we raise kids in suboptimal conditions

It's not a crisis, it's an urgently needed correction.

Having the enormous human population of the earth continue to grow indefinitely is non-sustainable, for one thing. If we have fewer children every generation for a few generations, that seems like a good thing to me. Maybe the pundits and hang-wringers out there could focus on downsizing our rapacious economy for starters. And think about ways to encourage older people to remain active: in childcare, in the economy and in changing the world. The elders (especially women) are in the best position to do this.

I don't understand how people cluck their tongues about how terrible overpopulation is and then act like they're not racists. You know where the largest populations are? You know who has the highest birth rates? You know the racial demographics of the world? When you say "there are too many people in the world" you realize what you're actually advocating?

I don't believe I am "advocating" anything! I am <recognizing> that Western countries are having fewer children. Personally, I am not disturbed by this. I know perfectly well that African countries, Mexico, etc. do not have this problem; they have other problems.

Lol you're not advocating a damn thing. People are just very uncomfortable with these kinds of discussions, so they resort to accusing people of wanting to genocide everyone or whatever.

What is she "advocating?" Stop trying to accuse everyone who's concerned about the environment or population of being a secret racist. That shit is getting really fucking old. People really need to quit trying to derail much-needed conversations about population and environmental issues with the "but that's racist and genocidal!" thought-terminating bullshit.

On Nov 15 this year, the global population is expected to reach eight billion. The United Nations predicts it could grow to about 8.5 billion by 2030 before peaking at 10.4 billion in the 2080s. After that – and some predict it will happen 20 years earlier – the world’s population will start to fall.

Given the UK’s population is on course to peak at 75 million in 2063 and predicted to fall to 71 million by 2100

In other words, there is no crisis because the population is increasing. Few women born in the 1980s and 1990s (millennials) will even be alive when the population actually starts to decline. Why should a woman today have a child against her best interests to help out the consumer capitalist economy in 2080 or 2100?

The “crisis” is that the logic of capitalism has finally caught up with nature. Bearing and raising children is the foundation of the economy (and civilization), but it costs resources and never produces wealth on its own. Childbearing has no financial value (unless the children are being sold to third parties) so it’s degraded socially and culturally. People admire drug dealers, pimps, bank robbers, mafiosi, bootleggers and pirates more than mothers. Bearing children is a hobby. Like playing guitar, fixing up old cars for fun, going skiing, studying ancient Chinese poems. It’s something you can do if you want to and you have the money and time for it, but on its own it’s not going to make you any money to pay your expenses, so many people will consider it a waste of time and look down on you for doing it. Women did it in greater numbers and more frequently before because they were forced to in a variety of ways, marital rape being only one. Now that women have a choice it makes perfect sense that many will not choose to engage in an expensive, grueling and time consuming hobby that society not only doesn’t value, but actively degrades any woman who does participate in it while enjoying the fruit of her labors.

Childbearing having no value is also the logic of women’s inferiority. Men’s work in industry, no matter how menial it is, is superior to mother-work inside the home because it produces wealth. Cash, plastic bits and bobs, machines, stocks, nfts are all worth more than children and the dangers women undertake to create them. That set of cultural values was bound to collapse.

Eventually men worked themselves out of a job when women caught on and said: ok, what I do in the home is worthless, I’d rather make money. Now men are asking what good are plastic bits and bobs if there are no people to produce them or buy them? Good question idiots. Let me know if you find an answer.

With the majority of western men being such abject failures that they can't leave their mommy's basements, why the fuck would any woman choose to mate with them?

Single women are on the whole not only happier but FAR MORE SUCCESSFUL than the average single male. Why settle when they can get better companionship with female friends and always orgasm with a vibrator?

If men can't compete, that is their goddamn problem. Let them seethe and perish and leave their betters to their happiness.

I don’t understand how this is a crisis.

Men are extremely worried about not being able to own us as cattle anymore. So yeah, I guess it is a crisis for them.

Population bulge moving up the pyramid. Lots of old people, not enough young people to do the work and be caregivers. Economy shrinks. House prices fall. Fewer people buying fewer consumer goods. Stock market declines. The doctrine of eternal economic growth - which is as divorced from material reality and as dangerous to humanity as transgenderism - depends on there always being more and more people to drive demand. Obviously this is insane and unsustainable.

I do get all of that, I just don’t think women choosing not to have children should be a worldwide crisis.

Isn’t a big part of this a lack of suitable men? I know a lot of women who ended up marrying late or not at all because of how hard it was to find someone. There are a lot of guys who are anti commitment, or who are so addicted to video games they won’t take care of anything around the house OR advance in their careers, etc.

I'm so fucking sick of men and their handmaidens handwringing about falling birth rates. It's so obvious that what they're really angsting about is women having choices. I hope the population does fucking collapse.

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I have four kids because I wanted four kids and I have the health, ability, support, etc to take care of them

I don’t want the world they and their offspring (if they want them) inherit to be overpopulated

For me not to be selfish for having kids when overpopulation is an issue, I depend on a society where people who don’t want kids, don’t have kids!!!

This is a non crisis.