The audacity of the western 'interventionists' to imagine they would be helping the Haitian people by supposedly curbing gang violence. They can't see the wood for the trees - the interventionist forces are just the biggest and best armed gang. The Haitian elite calling for an intervention would presumably benefit from being protected, whilst the rest of the Haitian population suffers rape and other violent atrocities at the hands of the invading armies. If the elites don't fear the interventionist forces, when we know of the widespread brutality they commit, what does that imply? The interventionist forces are probably told by those in command who is 'fair game' to brutalise, and who is untouchable.

It sickens me when I read articles about pastors attached to the army. I've never read an interview where an army pastor speaks out about atrocities committed by the soldiers they minister to. Why not? They are not Christian, they ignore the victims voices.

Also, no country is free of corruption, but all countries are connected. When a country, such as Haiti, has a high ranking for corrupt government officials, the money they are siphoning off from government funds is usually being money laundered in western countries such as the UK and Switzerland.

If money laundering crimes were seriously cracked down on, that would benefit so-called 'chaotic' countries, rather than western countries sending in a gang of armed predators to rape with impunity and having the audacity to claim they are helping.