if cats don’t come when we call them, it may be because they’re busy doing something else, or they are resting,

I mean, I don't want to be at someone else's beck and call either.

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Glad to see it’s finally being studied but I am SO SICK of words like perfidy being used of cats. It’s such bullshit to talk as if animals are treacherous.

I know my two pay attention. I think they understand more than I suppose they do. They also want my company; if they’re awake they’re underfoot.

Wish archive sites captured pictures, this is one time I want to see the illustrations!

Oh and yeah if I'm having breakfast in bed or whatever they're on the bed. They seldom hang out in a different room to me.

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Same! I spend most of my time in my bedroom (not much choice with a bedsit) and they’re always with me. I’m on my bed knitting atm and one is lying on my legs. It’s not long since breakfast and she’s been demanding lap time all morning, lol.

That's interesting. My cats will sit with me on the bed if I lay out separate blankets for them (preferably with pillows as a sort of DMZ between their two territories). They're in a lifelong, warm, furry Cold War.

I know my cat knows exactly what I'm saying more than he lets on. I always make sure to remind him that when the cats take over the planet, he has to look after me.

full disclosure: I'm a dog person

I love this headline for the simple inclusion of the word might

blessings to my cat loving sisters, and may goddess have mercy on you and your finicky housemates!

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Did you see this lovely post yesterday? Woman who’s always had dogs, found herself in a situation where she couldn’t have a dog, still wanted a pet and adopted two cats. It’s adorable.

Just watched it. Loved it!

I am in fact looking to hire a cat this year... I had a cat, he was a reject like the ones in the video, and his meow sounded like hey bro, so we called him Jeff after Jeff Spicoli. He also spontaneously gave high fives to everyone who would walk past him, howling hey bro hey bro and waving his paw around until someone finally tapped it.

He had a long and successful mousing career. I'd like a new mostly outside barn cat to help around the property... There's a feral I'm calling Spot, who's been taking food and sleeping on my garage couch. Maybe he will fill the position.

I know I say I'm a dog person, but some cats can be dogs too LOL. At least that's what I tell myself. My grandfather used to reluctantly put the barn cat at his farm and say well, they're all God's creatures. They need love too.

My cat is definitely too busy having adventures to come when I call her.

My cats seem to be able to tell what I am calling (or approaching) them for, and will respond accordingly. Do I have something to offer? Immediate affirmative response. If not, then they're far too busy to be bothered!

My cat almost always comes when called. Very rarely doesn’t. Pets and attention are reward enough for her.

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Mine knows when I’m about to do her treatment- which can be any time of day, every other day - and is likely to disappear under the bed. I don’t know if she recognises opening the cupboard and getting the bottle, or it’s my body language.

In my experience, yes to all of those. Cats do have a very good ability to learn our body language, speech patterns and habits, and then learn to associate our behaviors accordingly. My kitty will come to the sound of the keychain when it rattles as I pick it up, and she seems to be able to tell that sound apart from similar rattling sounds.

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Yes, and mine recognises when I’m getting the hypodermic and medicine from the fridge, too. That only happens once a month.

I’m just grateful that the one who has a pill and liquid laxative twice a day isn’t too bothered by the pill and looks on the laxative as her special flavoured treat drink!