Who the hell is reporting these as crimes in the first place?

'It is ludicrous for police time to be spent investigating 'crimes' committed by toddlers when so many crimes decimate people's lives.’

Devastate would be a better word, but he’s right.

My one-year-old just hit me so hard on my temple with a toy truck that I saw stars.

Quick, don't let these criminals get away with it! Gotta put them on the pathway to incarceration early don't ya know.

Whoever is reporting these 'crimes' is an actual sociopath just trying to harass people.

Oh, I feel it! I once had a 1 year old with a cast on his arm! When he realized what he could do with it, none of us were safe!

What the fuck did I just read.

Should I call the police because my toddler, in a fit of high-spirits, headbutted me in the face today? Or should I accept that he was tired and hungry and being wild, and also is way before the age of reason, and it didn't bruise, so I suck it up and try going forwards to teach him we don't hit? Does the police want to know about that time he bit me in his sleep and drew blood? Is that an assault against the person? Probably not, I was nursing him and am a woman so I guess I was asking for it 🤦🏻‍♀️ I mean, I was in clothes that revealed a lot of cleavage!

We're going through a period of headbutting right now and it is awful. I don't know how it doesn't hurt him because it's killing me! He never does it to his father.

The one year old was charged with the crime of hitting anither minor. I cant even

Nuttiest story I've heard today . . . toddlers being investigated by the police for assault! I guess this is what keeps the police too busy to catch rapists?

Surely 1 year olds are not competent to be charged. I get charging minors who are 12 and up, but toddlers? Wtf.