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'They think she was sending out distress signals because she knew her sister wouldn't survive if they weren't delivered then.'

This is very wrong. They are attributing high-level conscious thoughts and intention to a fetus, to humanize them and make them out to be much more mature than they are at that point and I think it's written like this by people who oppose abortion and want people to think the fetus is just like a fully developed human with a consciousness when it's not. That's something we develop only during infancy. Even adult humans do not have control over our heart rate. The heart fluctuations are an automatic response. It's not clear what caused it. Something about her sibling's condition was affecting her environment in the womb is the more likely explanation.

edit: you have to scroll all the way down to find out that both these twins had a rare disorder that was causing one to siphon fluid from the other and grow too fast while the other wasn't growing fast enough. That's the real story here. Both were born with health problems. Poppy wasn't "alright" she was low on oxygen and nutrients in the womb as a result of sharing the womb with a sick sibling. Her condition wasn't as bad as her sister, who had a hidden lung condition, but it wasn't good and the doctors knew Poppy was at risk for a heart attack. Although her heart was okay once she was stabilized via blood transfusion, because the risk was caused by the lack of oxygen and nutrients.

Leah as diagnosed with stage three twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome and advised to terminate [one] baby to give [the other] a better chance of survival. 'Poppy just needed a little bit of oxygen,' Leah said. Poppy had to have blood transfusions and stayed in hospital two days longer than her sister to make sure she reached 4lbs.

I know this is totally beside the point, but POPPY?? WINNIE?? What kinds of names are those to give to children??