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Is it safe to sign change.org petitions? I would like to, but I don’t trust them.

Yes, I‘ve signed at least 20 petitions on there and nothing has come of it besides my name being added to different groups of supporters. Declawing is an awful practice, the equivalent of cutting off the first third of all of one’s fingers, and I definitely encourage signing this petition.

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I know, declawing is an abomination (thank god it’s illegal in Australia), that’s why I want to sign.

Edit- signed.

Before I knew better (and because, stupidly...I had a waterbed), I used to declaw my cats. I learned about what actually happens and I will never declaw another cat. My kitty and I have learned together how to trim claws safely together...

It’s very easy to make mistakes when you are misinformed. Good on you for changing your view and improving cats‘ lives :)