u/maketangogreatagain seems like the guy made an alt to flatter himself.

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I bet you're right! Both accounts were created the same month, with only 3 days of difference between them: https://imgur.com/a/p9xuZHd

They had the most interactions with each other. He must have created the alt to talk to himself, because noone else was willing to put up with him. Pathetic.

I'm usually not good at picking up writing styles, specially in my second language, but this one does seem like it's written by the same person.

😅 I was wondering how there could possibly be two men exactly like that. Duh. I’m glad that there isn’t a secret discord full of racist MRA tango obsessives somewhere online.

This guy belongs in an asylum. I honestly thought he was a highly dedicated troll at first. What a pathetic little man.

WTF did I just read? 🤮

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That is the tip of the iceberg: https://imgur.com/dfkWqUv

A misogynistic, homophobic, "prolife" christian opposing to divorce, and desperately trying to convince himself and others that rights, gay rights and women's rights, are of the nefarious "left-liberal agenda". So vomit-inducing 🤢

He mentioned a blog he's running in the comments:

If you want to resist this head over to my blog/online book "Argentine Tango Hacks: Politically Incorrect Guide to Tango Estilo Milonguero/Romantico" for strategies to resist the progressivist takeover of tango!

Having looked it up, this appears to be the blog: https://contactmilonguero.com/

My old URL http://www.argentinetangohacks.com expired and the links no longer redirect to the new URL. I’m in the process of updating all the links to the new URL. In the meantime if you want to follow a link just replace “argentinetangohacks” in the link address with “contactmilonguero”.

He has been posting on "contactmilonguero" ever since the link to "Argentine Tango Hacks" blog expired.

This isn’t what I expected in a discussion about tango dancing of all things. You know how macho dancing with a rose in your mouth is. I cackled. This is too funny to take even remotely seriously.

If patriarchy is so fragile that people dancing in unconventional ways threatens it, maybe you guys aren't the bastion of masculine strength that you think you are.