Here's the link to the full study. I just found this interesting (and sad)... I had looked up the topic because today I witnessed a child (not mine) having a COVID-themed panic attack and found this recently published study.

What do you mean by that? What behaviors did you observe?

An about 10yo girl at a park having an on the ground crying/screaming fit (unusual for that age) and sounding absolutely desperate while saying that she needed a mask and specifically mentioning that there was a newer version of COVID (the Delta variant, I'm sure, but I don't remember if she mentioned all that). Her mother didn't seem patient or understanding in her response (like, it was very low-quality parenting), but did provide the mask. The girl then spent the rest of her stay at the park far, far away from the play areas where other children her age were playing and just sat there alone and masked. She otherwise appeared to be a healthy child (and I would hope/assume that her mother wouldn't have brought her to the park if she had any high-risk conditions). I know people can have very different opinions on if it's wise (or ethical) to have your healthy children play at a park during COVID, but the thing that was notable to me was that she wasn't responding to being at a park the way most children her age were.

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I know parents who initially took their young kids out of school, but reluctantly sent them back awhile later just because of the emotional problems that started happening. They pretty much had to choose between their kids possibly getting a physical illness or a mental illness. I hope the vaccine gets approved for younger kids soon, being isolated at the age when you're just learning to develop your social skills is bad news.

Edit to add... Also I really feel for the teens too. Depression and anxiety was already a big issue among them and now it has to be worse than ever with the pandemic and climate change and all the other lovely shit. The internet has made it possible to be hyper aware of what's going on all around the world at all times, and for the most part it isn't pretty. It's got to be hard to even imagine a good future for themselves at this point. Shit I feel hopeless and I'm 30ish, I can't imagine how stressful it must be for teens and younger adults.