No, golf is a sport that most men can play leisurely even when they are not in great shape. I find this article to be rather absurd and embarrassing.

I had the same reaction. I'd say the process of making a golf course is the same old story of men trying to control everything around them and damaging everything in the process, but that's about as far as I'd go.

I did feel uncomfortable on first reading it, and that is part of why I bookmarked it to think about some more later rather than just dismiss it. After all, there is no requirement that to agree with it.

Then I remembered about Victorian era pornotopia pictures (batshit weird stuff if the few examples I have seen are any indication – there's a post on them at OpenCulture I think), and I am aware of architecture historians working on analysis of Victorian upper class gardens and how they were basically designed in ways that could provide privacy for courting couples and/or opportunities to sexually harass women and children.

Ha, I saw this article the other day and was debating whether I should post it.

I feel like this is a huge stretch. Reminds me of the kind of stuff TRAs try to pull, to be honest. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

What an odd article...concerned that this was deemed credible enough to publish on 4w.

Somehow this article doesn't quite seem like it belongs in the sports circle because it's more theoretical – Jo Brew's analysis of golf quite startled me, and it's quite thought provoking. (Using regular keyboard now too, which makes cutting and pasting much easier. lol)

Yeah, yeah, yeah everything is totally about sex. EVERYTHING. No one ever does anything for fun, or because they enjoy it. I honestly get really annoyed at that shit. Men(women play golf too! Do they just like the sport?) who play golf, play it because they like the game and find it fun.