Again they bringing up that study about DV where 2/3 of the lesbians were abused by past boyfriends, not by other women;

Yeah, that fucking study makes every lesbophobe orgasm on the spot.

They’re lying and they know it. They just enjoy slandering lesbians. No man feels anxiety getting in an empty elevator with a potentially “brutal” woman. Unless the woman in question is a man.

Lmaooo. Women "don't know what it's like to get [their] ass beat." I'd like to know what planet this guy lives on. I know quite a few women who have been abused by their male partners or relatives, they just hide it. What a joke.

Plenty of women are abused in childhood by male and female caregivers, relatives, friends, authority figures... about 1 in 3 are abused in adulthood by a intimate partner. IIRC lesbians actually experience a higher rate of physical and sexual abuse in childhood than other demographic groups, so no, this is absolutely stupid. Bon-bon eating pearl-clutching caricatures don't exist, nonetheless become the type of women who smack each other around (that's a different nasty stereotype, guys!)

Men really think we're the violent ones but at the same time we don't understand what violence is and never experience it ourselves.

Yes we are such dainty foolish creatures who don't know about the violent powerful she-hulk who resides within us all. That's one of the many reasons why it's so important for men to control us so we never find out! It would be too much for our cotton candy brains.

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If there’s a she-hulk in there, I want every one of us to get the keys to letting her loose when we need her yesterday.

The lesbians who have been victims were mainly victims of men before.

Which one is it? We are violent hysterical abusers, or we have never even been told that we can create violence against others? 🙄

I keep seeing that lesbians experience more dv than heterosexual women, and i am surprised every time i read it. The studies i've read concluded that lesbian relationships are the most egalitarian of all types of relationships grouped by sexual orientation. Maybe they're talking about transbians, which would make a lot more sense.

IIRC the relevant questionnaire didn't ask them to differentiate between past abuse (by people of any sex) and current abuse by their female partners. The data is spoiled, but MRA's love citing it.