There have been quite a few threads on Ovarit over the years about prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize faces, and whether it's more common among men than among women. Well, it turns out that the opposite condition exists: the ability to see faces, keep a "file folder" of those faces, and recall them at will after many years. This Guardian article describes this phenomena, tells the story of one such person (a woman), and how the police in Australia (and elsewhere) are beginning to employ "Super Recognizers" in identifying crime suspects.

The article also mentions that the Face Research Lab at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia is conducting online research into the phenomena, and you can be part of the study: https://facetest.psy.unsw.edu.au/ BUT, be aware: the study only asks for participants' gender identity, not sex...so, it won't be able to address that long asked question on Ovarit: Who has a harder time recognizing faces? Men...or...Women? I'd bet A LOT on the answer being "Men," no matter how they self-ID.

I got 56%, well below the average. I always kind thought I had a problem recognizing faces, I guess its really true.

I only got 63%. I think I’d do better if the initial faces were moving, even just gifs.

That is an incredibly impressive skill. Especially as someone who can never remember faces, I find this fascinating.

I once confused a coworker for the love-of-my life that had moved away. It was an awkward encounter.

Also, teaching was a rough one for me. 144 different faces a year?!

I took the test on the research site and got 55%, which was lower than the top 50% of test takers. SAD TROMBONE

I got 61%, which put me at the 50th percentile. You have no idea how surprised I was I did that well. I think it's partly because I could actually comfortably look at the faces, while irl I generally don't look at people's faces much, plus they don't hold still.

Once I figure out what someone looks like, I can recognize them decades later (did that once with a cousin, much to my surprise), but I'm no good on the fly, which is what a superrecognizer does.

Yeah, if I really get to know someone, I'll remember them. Otherwise it's hit or miss, depending on if I find their face interesting or not. When I started taking the test I was interested, but as it went on I really started hating having to look at those faces. I knew I wouldn't be able to remember them, and it just felt futile.

This is me. I constantly have to pretend I don't already know people, because they never remember and apparently it's "creepy" that I easily remember them.

I can typically name a few facts about them as well, because people talk about themselves a lot and it's easy to remember.

My whole family is like this, we also have photographic memories. We have trivia competitions during the holidays because all of us are really excellent at just remembering stuff.

Apparently it's impossible to watch movies with me because I list off everything else the actors have been in.

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That was so freaking weird, lmao. Peoples faces begin to seem strange when you're just staring at weird pics. At first I thought they were composites of real people, but since they also had matching sets of random other pics guess not. Got 74%, thought I did way worse tho, lol