Oh, my lazy ladies would love to tell me exactly why I am a fascist who needs to be removed from my position immediately, however, I am too unintelligent to speak their language.

They've worked so hard to train me, though, and they are lazy, so maybe it can wait until after the next time it is time to open a can of wilderness treats, and after dinner belly rubs

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Mine would probably be satisfied with me being retrained to Never Leave The House, feed them exactly when they want, and lie on the bed whenever they need a warm pillow.

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“Myeh” “myeyah” “mrah”


Thank you for posting this, I subscribed! This is amazing & should get more research.

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I absolutely cracked up watching this. It’s confirmation of why I’d never want to teach my two to “speak” English! They’re bossy enough understanding it but speaking in Cat. 😹

If humans are (allegedly) more intelligent than cats, why do we think it's a good idea for cats to learn human language instead of humans learning cat language?

Cats have already created a pidgin language that we think is ‘speaking cat’: cats generally use meowing to communicate with humans, not other cats. I think it is polite to engage with cats using this pidgin wherever possible, supplemented with bits of cat body language and human words to fill linguistic gaps.

Cat owners should clearly take the lead, if we discover intelligent alien life.

Yes! Cats have already shown they're smarter than us by adapting their language to communicate with us. Maybe cat should take the lead....