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I loved this piece of writing by a student athlete


When do you feel big?

Our coach asked the outfielders this before our game against Coastal Carolina this weekend.

”Feeling big.” Not something as young women we’re used to doing.

There are so many aspects of society rooted in history, institutions and pop culture designed to keep women feeling small. Targeted marketing, widespread stereotypes and a constant push for unreachable perfection. We’re indirectly taught that being small is better, or at least safer, and so we often turn to that headspace in times of turmoil.

. . .

Feeling strong, powerful, beautiful or big, by yourself and for yourself, keeps you from having to rely on others for validation. In the sports world, controlling what you can control by taking ownership of your own thoughts allows you to perform at your best without distraction. As women we should relish in being “big.” We should strive for greatness, enjoy the spotlight and applaud our successes.