A good friend of mine works for a posh private Montessori school (infant all the way up to 12). They are severely short on teachers and only offer $15/hour to start. Teachers are expected to have all these qualifications of course, and this pay is offered in one of the most high cost of living areas in the US (the northeast coast). Seriously, rent is like $2000/month for a small apartment w no utilities and standard ranch homes 2 bed 1 bath are selling for half a million dollars.

And of course the teachers they do have are flaky and unreliable. It’s an absolute nightmare for my friend.

Looks like even more women are going to be forced out of work to deal with the fallout of this.

I honestly do not have any idea how women do it. I calculated that in the UK you needed to earn around £25,000 to cover childcare, and that would not leave you enough to cover anything else. The average UK salary is around £25,000. If you do take the time out your career and earnings never recover, so you end up screwing yourself over when you retire.

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The government funds to cover free nursery hours doesn’t cover it. It’s about 3.60£ per hour per child. Yet it should be 4£. So there’s a shortfall, even when staff are paid minimum wage (despite expected to be well qualified). So nurseries scrape it back by charging for lunch hours or adding on snack and activity charges and so on. So mums have to pay more. And this was in play before covid hit and made stretched staffing harder to manage. And now gas and electric costs rising as well… I’m surprised more nurseries haven’t closed tbh as there’s no profit in private nurseries at all.

Children are the most vulnerable members of society, whose early years are the most valuable and we pay those responsible for that care less than we pay bar staff. Of course we are going to have a shortage of nursery staff. Who wants student debt to pay back from minimum wage, to be responsible for 3 peoples workload, when it’s impossible to safeguard the children you care about under those circumstances?