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They either want to pretend Harry Potter was written by a man or replace it with a series by a man. Honestly they should know by now Harry Potter was a once in a life time phenomenon. Written by a woman.

Sure, a man who moved to another country during the pandemic to abandon his wife and kid is ok but jk is the devil for wrongthink.

I mean I like Neil Gaiman just fine, but I don’t think he’s the woke icon they want, and his works are not nearly as much of a phenomenon as JKR’s. Also unless I’m mistaken I don’t think his stuff is for all ages like HP? Some of it’s pretty risqué.

oh! But he’s a man. Got it, got it. 🙄

Too bad that not even Neil can turn back the time...jkr forever.

Poor people. They have to live with their ostracization. Not happy about though, are they?