1. Collective punishment contravenes the Geneva Convention
  2. US economic sanctions have profoundly anti-democratic aims: the normal game plan is to put so much pressure on the population that they "rise up" and overthrow the "enemy government" (enemy of the US, that is).

Well, offensive wars harm people more, so we shouldn't allow nations waging them to trade with peaceful countries

The US is one of the most, if not the most, warmongering country in modern times, but there are no such sanctions for them. Economics sanctions imposed by the US are pretty selective, too. For instance, the US is quite happy to keep trading with Saudi Arabia in spite of the latter having waging a war against Yemen for years. What is more, the US is quite happy to keep seeling weapons Saudi Arabia.

I would prefer Ovarit to be free from Kremlin talking points

What OP said is literally a mainstream and uncontroversial statement if you live anywhere that isn't the US and Europe. It isn't Kremlin talking points if it's the opinion held by most of the world population.