Fascinating. Kasparian reached this conclusion about the Dems without peaking about their over-the-top misogynist, woman-erasing, child-endangering, homophobic support for the awful gender identity movement. Go figure...

The brainwashing from the movement is strong. I say this as a former libfem who supported them. They really do make you feel as though you’re doing the right thing.

But I was also sucked into the movement from my teenage years. Being at my most impressionable and vulnerable years certainly didn’t help when it came to being indoctrinated. You really do learn to shut your eyes to the truth when you support TRA bs.

So glad you found your way out of the gender identity bubbles and landed here!

Me too. I think a lot of women and girls are going to wake up to it all within the next 5 years.Their demands become increasingly insane and the misogyny is only getting worse.

The more media attention this issue gets, the more people will be peaked.

she's not wrong. There are many ways to the same end. She just thinks they are too old to care. I think they are too scared to care. Women have been stepped on for centuries and no harm done, right? But one loud mouth TRA and his squad, and they all jump to obeisance.

Define "woman"; if you can't or won;t do it, how can you protect our rights?

The backlash Newsom is getting right now illustrates this exact issue. What he said was correct and important and every article is about gender bullshit 🙄

What did he say?

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Tweet text:

If men could get pregnant, this wouldn’t even be a conversation.

This decision isn’t about strengthening families - it’s about extremism. It’s about control.

We will fight for the right to choose.

Link to speech where Newsom discusses Roe v Wade

Screen capture of tweet

TRA backlash source.

*correction: the backlash has come from several sources, including mocking from conservatives but takes away from the real issue at hand.

Holy crap, I never thought I'd hear Kasparian go off like that.

I’m pretty surprised, I’m not her biggest fan but I can’t argue with her points. She’s right and the democrats deserve backlash from this. She also said “women” as well. Join us Ana, you know you want to hah

You can’t tell me the Dems didn’t know. But maybe they decided to let the The fools be fools

But, Repubs were stupid enough to think it’s a good idea to go after RvW,

Goodbye Red Wave midterms they keep gloating about

Full article text:

Progressive 'Young Turks' host says she's 'done' with Democrats, including the Squad: 'Disgusting, feckless'

Joseph Wulfsohn 10 hrs ago

One of the stars of the progressive digital outlet "The Young Turks" expressed outrage towards the Democrats over their inaction on protecting abortion rights as the Supreme Court has signaled it would overturn Roe v. Wade.  "Young Turks" co-host Ana Kasparian first took aim at Republicans on Tuesday for opposing various policies like paid family leave and affordable childcare while at the same time in favor of rolling back or completely outlawing abortion, yelling at journalists to "ask them the question!"

"Isn't it amazing that not one Democrat has shown 1% of the passion Ana has today?" co-host Cenk Uygur asked. 

"They don't care! They're fine!" Kasparian exclaimed. "They're all so old, they don't have to worry about it affecting them and if they're young enough where it would affect them, they'll get their abortion, okay? They're trading their individual stocks enriching themselves, they're good! They're good. They don't care about you. Make sure you understand that you feel it in your bones. They don't care about you at all."

"All of that fundraising, all of that canvassing all of that hard work on the ground. They can't even get a voting rights bill. Passed. There are losers!" Kasparian shouted. 

Kasparian offered a backhanded compliment to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who unlike Democrats "understands power, and he wields it" even if it's "for evil," in order to take a shot at Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Cali.

"Hey, Nancy, how's your refrigerator doing? How's your luxury ice cream doing, okay? How's all that going for you?" Kasparian asked the top Democrat. "Listen, all of the bootlickers for the Democratic Party get so upset at me for telling you the truth about how ineffective and pathetic Democratic lawmakers are. Go ahead and cry about it. ‘Oh, but the real enemies are the Republicans.’ At least Republicans tell us exactly who they are. They don't even hide their cards. They tell us exactly who they are and what they're planning on doing. They scream it from the mountaintops! And what do Democrats do? Do they do anything to prepare for it, to strategize, to ensure that they mitigate the damage that's done by right-wingers in this country? No, they're too busy fundraising. Nancy Pelosi's gonna fundraise! Chuck Schumer. He can't do away with the filibuster because that would mean that he'd have to apply a little bit of pressure on goons like Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin. 'Oh, can't do that. Can't do that.'"

"The reason why I go after Democrats is because A. they deserve it and B. they deceive us. They lie to us. And they tell us that they're gonna fight for us, and they do the exact opposite. They fool immediately! Nancy Pelosi, on the record, said we need ‘strong Republicans.’ I bet you do. Nancy, I bet you do. Without the strong Republicans, how would you fundraise, you pathetic, pathetic corporate goon," the host blasted the speaker.

She then took aim at President Biden, calling him a "freaking liar" saying he doesn't know if the federal government can unilaterally cancel student loan debt

"You don't know what your job title entitles you to? You don't know? Why are you president?" she asked "Why did you nominate an education secretary? What's the whole point?"

Kasparian knocked the "massive losers" among establishment Democrats for blaming progressives for their setbacks because they need "scapegoats" to distract that they're "corrupt" "puppets to their corporate donors."

"If we're going to sit around and wait for our elected lawmakers to protect us from these religious zealots and these right-wing authoritarians, man we have another thing coming," Kasparian said. "How many times do we need to be disappointed by them? I'm done with them." 

"I don't speak for everyone in this network., I want to be clear. I'm speaking for myself. I'm done with them. Completely. The Democratic Party, every single one of them, that includes the Squad. I don't care anymore," she continued. "They have not delivered! They have not delivered. I'm done. It's time to organize, create organizations that get women and get people in this country what they need, people who are willing to pick up the slack for these disgusting, feckless, corrupt politicians."

Archive Link

They don't fight them because they agree with them, profit from them and wouldn't be in office without them. They need a reason to exist and the Republicans are it, too bad they shot themselves in the foot. They've been defanged and what actual power they have beyond filling their pockets, is null.

💯 and they’ve spent decades holding women's votes hostage with Roe v Wade. When this election started I said it was gone either way, SCOTUS is too stacked, and women should be absolutely livid that they’ve been forced to vote Democrat for years only for it to mean nothing.

Yes this is it, voting democratic has meant nothing when it comes to Roe. We knew for years and years and even a few months ago, someone on this site tried to tell me there is absolutely nothing the Democrats in Congress can do about abortion and Roe. I though it was ridiculous then and it’s still ridiculous now.

I don't 100% agree with exactly everything she said, but she is right on most of this. I hate to say it as a lifelong Dem, but the word "feckless" is exactly right. All those old geezers just care about fundraising. They need to go, and Dems need to actually do something to take care of people, like they've promised for decades but never delivered.

Wow i agree!!

Thanks for the post

Me too! I love to see someone placing the blame where it belongs. The conservatives are always going to push for conservative things, which is why a lot of women elect democrats, who have done nothing to prevent this. They’ve abandoned their principles and deserve to be called out for it.

The digs at Nancy are odd and feel misogynistic

Nancy Pelosi is horrible and a major reason why the Democratic Party no longer works. We should not give women a pass just for possessing a vagina. She's over 80, and Ana is right that she literally only cares about fundraising and it's a huge problem. Pelosi's time was supposed to be done last time she lost the House. She needs to GTFO.

That’s not true though. Pelosi has a reputation for building coalitions and getting votes. She should have retired, I agree, but she is a powerhouse and elected speaker for a reason.

I can understand why it might seem that way, but Nancy Pelosi has been the speaker of the house for 3 decades. She’s a democrat and a woman, if anyone was in a position to do something, it’s her. It’s still not solely her fault. There is plenty of blame to go around but I can understand anger with her on some level.

No she hasn’t. The Dems have not had the house for three decades. She has been speaker for 7 non consecutive years.

Glad she saw the light, but they've been attacking Jimmy Dore for years when he says the same thing.

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I was disappointed with Dore's response on this. Instead of taking this as vindication and of her seeing the light (to an extent) he laughed about her "screaming" and getting emotional.

Dore is right about a lot, but at the end of the day, a brocialist is a brocialist. Male allies. 😑. I'd still listen to Dore over TYT every day of the week. Someone needs to fucking call this shit out.

His wife was laughing too.

She tends to follow his lead on everything. I always hear her laughing at his dumbest jokes.

I don't want to discount how important I think Dore has been in criticizing the Dems from the left. That's an essential function and we can't have social progress without it. Is he perfect? Fuck no. Personally, I'd love to see him criticize the woke woo woo crowd. He's already branded alt right and "for Fox viewers" by neolib types. But he's not a feminist thinker and that might be beyond his skill set.