This doesn't even list all the stupid suggestions I'm seeing going around.

  • Just Breastfeed! Oh right, relaxation is so quick and easy.

  • Only keep a 10-14 day supply. This is literally posted as a solution for parents. I am not even comfortable with a 10-14 day supply when there aren't supply chain issues.

I just had my second kiddo. I was not successful in breastfeeding first baby, and I'm trying hard for this baby so that maybe I can dodge the worst of this formula shortage. Please send prayers, good vibes, etc.

What about sending formula?

I've read that people in states that don't have such dire shortages are buying a few containers and sending them to mothers who can't get formula. I'd do it if I knew how to contact women in other states in a safe way. There's no one location where women are asking for assistance. If anyone knows where we can help, please post.