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I love it when men have all the answers that us silly uterites cant come up with

I was on a mom site for mom’s whose kids had autism. How horrible it was to try to get their hair cut if the kids had sensory problems, were afraid etc

Some arrogant butt-wipe adds in “ummmmm you could always let their hair grow long and not try to force them to look like Little Republicans”

We all ignored this dude.

One nice birthing parent explained how excruciating it was to try to wash and brush long tangled hair on a 3 year old with sensory integration d/o.

You could tell this is some man who has never had to groom (stop it😂) a toddler, let alone a child on the spectrum

But decided to offer advice anyway

And to be arrogant about it!!

This doesn't even list all the stupid suggestions I'm seeing going around.

  • Just Breastfeed! Oh right, relaxation is so quick and easy.

  • Only keep a 10-14 day supply. This is literally posted as a solution for parents. I am not even comfortable with a 10-14 day supply when there aren't supply chain issues.

I just had my second kiddo. I was not successful in breastfeeding first baby, and I'm trying hard for this baby so that maybe I can dodge the worst of this formula shortage. Please send prayers, good vibes, etc.

What about sending formula?

I've read that people in states that don't have such dire shortages are buying a few containers and sending them to mothers who can't get formula. I'd do it if I knew how to contact women in other states in a safe way. There's no one location where women are asking for assistance. If anyone knows where we can help, please post.

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"Let them eat cake" 2022 and with dicks.

To the mothers having this problem: can you get formula in pharmacies? Or special one prescribed by a doc? (This worked where I live, thank goddess I never needed it) do you switch formula depending on the babies age? (I never did that, same formula for 12 months and then we cut the milk to a bit cow milk and normal/mashed food; the formula for older babies just had more sugar)

Most important: WHERE is the shortage and can moms from other countries help??

I didn't know that about cow's milk. I was given cow's milk from about 3 months on and my mother had to go to 2% because I couldn't tolerate whole milk. I wonder if cow's milk had anything to do with my messed up gut. I suppose it's better than the gruel they used to give babies in Europe prior to the modern era (I'm not sure when things shifted but I'd bet the Victorians did the switch).

Another day, another instance of men presuming to know better than women at something the women are deeply involved with that said men have no experience with and have only just heard about. They are incapable of reasoning, "Why wouldn't they, who have extensive experience in this that I don't, enacted XYZ, even though XYZ immediately comes to mind in my layman's perspective?" The total refusal to acknowledge that women might know something he doesn't stymies his rational manly logic.