When a boy who is raised to believe he’s the center of the universe becomes a man who believes he’s the center of the universe. 😱

The grandchild thing is a stretch and would only punish a woman though.

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This feels like the plot of a Bollywood movie.

I wonder if the couple is having fertility problems and don't want to tell about it on the international news. Either way these parents need to back off!!!

It looks like the son doesn't have a relationship with them(they cite mental health because of loneliness, he didn't even visit them?), but they still put in a lot of effort on their front. I'd hesitate to say they were used, but it looks like it. Suing for a grandchild is ridiculous, should of just sued for the money since it seems that's the main issue.

Yes, I'd agree. I think the "grandchild" demand is a smokescreen, because demanding their money back might seem (even more) crass than insisting on a grandchild. Did the couple agree to provide them with grandchildren in exchange for the wedding, etc.? I doubt it. I think that in general, it's rare for Indian parents to be upset with their sons; it seems like the daughters tend to get blamed for most things that upset people. So maybe this is their indirect way of blaming the daughter-in-law. After all, the son appears to be siding with her rather than his parents.