NPR can't even say the word woman. It's all so general. People this, people that, "people" might lose rights.

And it's just so random, who gets pregnant. Sometimes people just randomly get pregnant. There's just no way to know who or why or when. You could be all by yourself on a desert island, and bam! Pregnant. Why, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, ought to have an app for tracking periods, since both periods and pregnancy can just randomly get anyone. It doesn't matter if you're 85 years old, and it doesn't matter if you're male or female, anybody at all can get pregnant, because pregnancy is just that random. Why, tracking these things is practically like tracking some kind of wild animal. It's just all really mysterious how it all works.

News at 11pm. Liberal legacy media outlet NPR unable to mention the word "woman" even once in an article examining the threat of period tracking apps to women's privacy within the context of Roe v. Wade likely being overturned.