Yep, I've had it happen with ideas and jokes, always from a man. Like it's immediately cleverer because an ejaculator said it 🙄

It happens to me every time I open my mouth around a group of men. It's actually insane how much it happens to me. It happened yesterday with a joke, the dude just repeated it word for word literally 5 seconds after I said it and everybody laughed. I said aloud that I just said that - silence. Ridiculous.

I’d really love to know what, for example, the (male) historian Jeremy Black thinks of the term. He’s not a massive fan. It’s an “ugly new made-up word that’s foolish and devoid of meaning”, he told the Mail on Sunday. He went on to say that it “should play no role in educational advice”.

So who does think it’s an actual thing, then? Any woman who has been in a meeting, or at work, or indeed anywhere with men.

I laughed and thought maybe the women here would like it. 😁😂

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Nothing makes me angrier than when my words come out of a man's mouth. The number of times in my career I've said something in a meeting, been ignored, had a male "hepeat" , and be congratulated like he discovered penicillin. Maddening.

Of course men hate when we correctly point out their behavior and give it a name.

I like it. My Nigel just hepeated me the other day. My response was, “So, what I said?” which he admitted it was.

Hejack is more of a synonym for manterrupt than for hepeat.