A few years ago I was a fly on the wall to a policy conference call featuring an 'expert' speaking on both breastfeeding and "inclusion." In her first breath she advised stripping all references to breastfeeding mothers of any remotely 'gendered' terms; in the next breath, advised that breastfeeding should be made mandatory, with penalties for mothers who didn't breastfeed for whatever reason (claiming because of the known benefits, not doing so should be considered child abuse/neglect). It was extremely eye opening listening to this handmaiden go full mask-off with the misogyny.

It's kind of the logical progression? It just usually isn't this...condensed. Strip women down into dehumanizing terms for bodily parts and functions, then treat us as objects that exist to serve that function, not real people. No longer breastfeeding mothers, but "lactators."

I hadn't realized people have been saying lactation is free. Of course it isn't – it's a huge cost to the mother, same as pregnancy. That's why women have to be so choosy about when to have a child. (There's also all the childcare, of course.)

I was raging the entire time, not once did they say mother or woman (despite the obvious woman in every panel). We can illustrate her completely gender conforming, but apparently we can't say it's a woman. Madness.

Regardless of the "birthing person" bullshit, this simple series of panels brings up some good points. Either choice a woman makes, it will cost her.

I've seen waaaay too many men assume women can turn lactation on and off at-will. I honestly don't understand how they got so stupid, none of it makes sense.

I wish men would shut the fuck up forever about breastfeeding, to be completely honest.

My child is 4 months old. I don’t make enough milk for him no matter what I try.? I have tried everything!

There is ignorance about whether it’s always possible to make milk for babies— not to mention the inability to do so due to needing to go back to work due to inhumane maternity leave policies, etc.

Then not even acknowledging women along the way? What a mindfuck.

I continue to be baffled by people who believe women can turn lactation on and off at-will. How this works is such a basic, basic concept, and common to all mammals. Like if you understand how a dairy farm works, then you would also understand why a woman cannot turn lactation on and off at will.

Why would they understand how a dairy farm works? The vast majority of people don't need to – they just need to know how to go to the store to buy stuff.

I mean, I would consider a little bit of basic biology, especially as it relates to food, to be necessary common knowledge. But that's just me. It's true, a lot of people are just totally, utterly, and catastrophically disconnected from the natural world.

They slipped up once and said mothers in the panel on decreased income over time for mothers who breastfeed long-term.

Not one use of the word “woman” in that thing, I notice. “Lactating parents” 🤮 are they pandering to the pedo TIMs who want to do this? Or the TIFs who want to deny they’re women?