Yes, well, he was also known to have had many lovers and mistresses, and fathered an "illegitimate" child that his wife then ended up helping to raise, so... He also advised young men who couldn't resist having sex to sleep with older women, because then they wouldn't risk having a child (and they'll take care of you!).


As fond as I am of him, among all the Founding Fathers (TM), I can't help but wonder about his real reasons for writing and publishing something like this.

Thanks for posting this!

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Yeah, I immediately had this same exact thought when I found this out. He didn’t care about women’s rights, he just didn’t want himself and other dudes to have unwanted children from being with as many women as possible.

Still, it is good that he made the info known, just in case some women wanted to have that accessible.

He did think women should be educated and could be men's intellectual equals, so he had a few things right. But this one seems likely a selfish thing.