This is unconscionable. Women are going to die of blood loss and sepsis after incomplete miscarriages. But life is sacred right guys? Right? Guys?

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Well theoretically all this says is that women are showing up to the ER with bleeding and pain during pregnancy…which is actually something that can still happen in a viable pregnancy. There’s no context on if these women are showing up asking to have a D&C procedure…something that your average pregnant woman who wants to keep the baby would be horrified to have suggested. Prior to 10ish weeks it’s also much healthier and easier on the body to let the miscarriage happen naturally— and that’s when the vast majority of miscarriages happen.

I’ve shown up to the ER with a miscarriage before and I also was just given bloodwork to check for my hormone levels (but it requires a second follow up blood test days later to see if they’ve risen or fallen), and an ultrasound to check for emergency complications. When they didn’t find any they just sent me home.

I’m not dismissing the danger of maybe making abortion illegal, I’m just saying that it’s not reasonable or good practice to go ahead and perform these surgeries on women who are miscarrying. The majority don’t need them and the ones that do need to be checked out referred to their OB or other trained doctor, it can’t be a random in the emergency room unless you’re literally about to die from sepsis or blood loss (in which case you would be offered this procedure, but it doesn’t sound from the article that’s the context of the women she’s describing).