To be an artist is to be a human being who feels everything more deeply, the beautiful as well as the terrible, and builds of those feelings bowers where others can safely and sacredly process their own.

Mmm no, I don’t agree with this. Seems to put the Suffering Or Euphoric Artist on a pedestal despite her saying she stands with Barrett Browning on the subject. Also puts art of whatever sort on a pedestal.

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That is interesting - who else symbolises human emotions for wider society beside poets, artists, writers, designer, etc?

Genuinely interested

Though i may have a broader definition of an artistic behaviours

I don’t look at art for symbolism of emotions, so I can’t answer that. I look at it for representation - portraiture, landscape and so on. That’s also the sort of art I did, when I did any. I read for non-fiction for information, to learn about whatever the subject is, and I read fiction for the pleasure of the story.

It’s the Deep Feelings stuff I disagree with in the bit I quoted. Terrific art and writing has been done simply to make a living, or when the person was perfectly content with life. (My best certainly was.)