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That’s… not a lot of money.

If you’re on Blind, a tech industry gossip app, you regularly get to see the salaries that software engineers make. Everyone on Blind is anonymous, but you sign up with your corporate email, so everyone can see if you work for Tesla, Facebook or Google etc.

The standard in the app is that you’re expected to add your salary on every post (“TC or GTFO” is the common say - “total compensation or get the fuck out”).

Most low or mid level Tesla devs make at least 250k-300k a year in Silicon Valley. And they’re all male of course. So if they try to paint this woman as a gold digger, please remember that for Musk, this kind of money is 🥜.

i'm gonna guess she was blonde and this is going to be excused by "oh he's autistic and didn't understand xyz". i feel sorry for all his ex wives, children, surrogates and all the women he's abused. and all the women and men in the mines his family exploited.

Abusers don't abuse everybody. Harassers don't harass everybody. There's a first time for everything. The fact he deflected it by saying "haha well if i've done this then how come people haven't said I've been doing it for years?" is the most suspicious part of all...

Ewwww! He actually came right out and said, 'If you are a good girl, and do whatever dirty business I want, I'll give you a pony.'

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Not sure how I feel about the “friend” who leaked this to the press.

Actually I am sure - it seems like the leaker is betraying her friend for either political or financial reasons. The flight attendant must be scared right now. Musk fanboys are probably going to come after her.

This whole thing seems like just a new way for men to use women’s bodies as currency. They want to take a rich, powerful guy down so they find the sexual misconduct and start talking about it. And there’s always some sexual misconduct, because men. spits This journalist doesn’t even hide that he’s been digging hard for dirt on Musk.

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A... "Massage"? That's the euphemism for it? Elon is really strutting in Jeffrey Epstein's steps.

Apparently many flight attendants had to personally pay to get trained as masseuses. And he most definitely assaulted more than one of them. Perverted narcissist

Imagine to pay for a course yourself only to be raped and harassed afterwards.😑 I swear, it's Jeffrey 101. Elon was seen next to Gislaine in several pictures. They know each other... Services rendered& such

I don't understand why Meghan Murphy went "oh, please" on this in her instastory. I gotta say, I'm disappointed.

She did??

Ya she did.

It's one thing to withhold judgment and it's another to be so dismissive about it. Honestly it rubs me the wrong way given that she still runs feminist current and have a sizable platform.