Good for her! The baby bar is tough because it's really hard to teach yourself the law. She must have worked so hard for this achievement. I know she has had to take it multiple times (not uncommon at all with the baby bar). I hope her family is so proud of her. She deserves a lot of credit for passing.

Go, Kim! I'm not a fan to be honest, but I respect her hard work and accomplishment in learning law and passing the exam.

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Nothing against Kardashian, but California is just so freaking weird.

She doesn't have a college degree. I think it's some actual bullshit that a college degree isn't a baseline requirement to become an attorney in a state which so tightly regulates every other profession, particularly ones for very average, regular people.

She worked hard for it. In CA you can do an apprenticeship or take the school route.

I'm happy to see her do this. I don't watch her show or really know much about her, but I like to see celebrities doing productive stuff with their resources

I wish this was an option where I live. I really want to be a lawyer but can’t afford the schooling.