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I never liked them
60 % (75 votes)
I only liked them when they sung
4 % (5 votes)
I use to like them but now don't
34 % (42 votes)
I still like them
2 % (3 votes)


I usually describe drag as gay men gaining a small amount of acceptance from straight men by mocking women.

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This is surprisingly hard. I went for option 3. I did like them initially, as a young woman, when I thought they were gay men brazenly flaunting their GNC to homophobes. It doesn't feel like that anymore though to me. They were way better when they actually sang too, this lip-syncing stuff is for the birds. I still like GNC men, (as much as I like any men, so, sometimes?) on the rare occasion when it's ACTUALLY GNC A.K.A they don't claim the performance of feminity makes them women. Just keep kids far far away from anything subversive and sexual that glorifies and laughs at rape and drug use, please! I hate that drag and twerking contests and other super sexualized and intentionally provocative subcultures have become "family entertainment."

I am and have always been attracted to gender non conforming men who don't make a mockery of women. I used to like/tolerate drag queens, similarly to you because i thought it was a "fuck you" to all the people who made me feel bad for not being feminine or whatever. I didn't realize how misogynistic a lot of them were, I really believed the bullshit about them "admiring women" lol

Apart from the main reason that they are misogynistic, I have to repost my story:

I was never afraid of clowns, and I didn't even realise other kids were until I watched Rugrats. I never really understood why people were afraid of clowns, even when they explained; I understood intellectually but didn't "get" it on a more gut level. I left it as something that I respected but could not hope to understand.

Then last year I got a smart TV for the first time, one with a huge screen (I previously had a TV that was probably a foot square). I got a streaming service to use with it, and it happened that the streaming service's only popular show was Ru Paul's Drag Race. For about 6 months, every time I opened it, the huge fucking TV screen would be filled with giant cursed images like this, or this, or this, or this. Every fucking time. After the first few jumpscares, I realised that I finally understood by people are afraid of clowns.

Oh. huh. This makes sense. I have hated clowns my whole life. I just can't help but see the man underneath the clown, making the make-up seem inappropriate and sinister. I used to be fine with drag, in theory, but was always quite creeped out by it. I've never made that connection before! I also never took my kids to see Santa - I just couldn't stomach asking them to trust some random dude in a costume lying about his identity. Ha!

Thats hilarious, thanks for sharing!!

I should add as an unfortunate postscript: After a few months' repreive, the streaming service apparently aquired a new run of Ru Paul's Drag Race and the same thing's happening all over again! Basically this: https://youtu.be/U3yuFlvRyqM?t=5s

I said it on the old reddit board and I'll repeat it here for the umpteenth time. Drag is punching down.

In a world where too many people still think femininity=female, you cannot mock femininity without mocking actual women. Plus why mock femininity? If it's really about taking the piss out of gender, why mock the people on the bottom. Make fun of masculinity/men. Mocking women does nothing to change or challenge the current system. Hell, making fun of women IS the current system.

Making fun of oppressed people for the behaviors that are forced on them or that they developed to cope/live/deal with that oppression isn't funny...it's a shitty thing to do.

Thank you! I came here because I have trouble articulating the problem with drag queens. I want to compare it to minstrel shows but I feel like the extremeness of that example will distract people from the message. I t's hard to treat women like people when deep down they don't believe we are people. I would love to see gay men mock men - and see how funny the "joke' really is.

I used to love them, then I peaked, found Ovarit, and realized what they're REALLY about.

Now I despise them.

It's a tossup between 1 and 3 haha. It was loud and bright and gaudy, crowds with a lot of people laughing and having a good time, and some of it was funny, and it was never 'comfortable' for me, but it took me a bit to really put my finger on how the reason they always felt a bit ick was that men acting out misogynistic stereotypes of women isn't as subversive as they think it is, and the joke always seemed to be on women (while remaining very, very male gaze). How often women's bodies end up being the joke, even in the names they choose. And also just....these characters show very little resemblance to women I've known, which include women in the exact kind of showy careers that are often being emulated, but in the end it's like seeing a caricature done by someone who really doesn't have an eye for what makes someone distinctive and so you can't really see a resemblance.

And all the real interpersonal drama and the endless shitty behavior from so many 'queens,' and how as long as it's done in drag, it's like women are constantly being blamed when it's men being catty and gropey and egotistical and vain and shallow and frivolous and incompetent and and and. Men using a female character they created as an excuse to act on their worst impulses. Having the blame shifted to women for men's shitty behavior, so subversive.

Could have written this myself. There were so many things like this that I just couldn't explain why they bothered me until I found radical feminism. We really need to be teaching girls radical feminism in school. It's like teaching about the civil rights movement IMHO. Why isn't it part of every kid's curriculum??

Could have written this myself. There were so many things like this that I just couldn't explain why they bothered me until I found radical feminism. We really need to be teaching girls radical feminism in school. It's like teaching about the civil rights movement IMHO. Why isn't it part of every kid's curriculum??

I am neutral on them. I don't really care what they do, as long as they aren't hurting anyone. I will just continue ignoring them like I always have.

Drag ridicules women. A whole biological sex consisting of fifty percent of human beings. Some argue that it ridicules the sex stereotypes attached to the female sex, but it doesn't come across like that. It ridicules being a woman. If it ridiculed the sex stereotypes, the jokes would be on those who enforce them, but that's not the case.

Some drag is openly misogynist, calling women fish, presumably on the basis of how vaginal secretions might smell with an infection.

I have been in so many pseudo-feminist debates where the oppression pyramid is used to defend drag: Because it is gay men who are doing it, drag is fine as gay men rank below straight women, according to them.

I no longer have any patience with that argument, because gay men are often not at all clockable, except as being men, and in that role they get male privileges (gay men earn more than women, as a group, for instance). Now I see the enormous damage caused by the oppression pyramid argument (women's rights are being eroded by many women because of these types of arguments).

Drag queen story hours in the UK and the US are based on the idea that they are good for the acceptance of gay people. Why does the acceptance of gay people (which is, in any case, pretty much the rule in the West) depend on the spreading of contempt for women? And why would we teach small children to have contempt towards one sex and not the other?

If drag queen story hours is the thing, we must also have drag king story hours in exactly the same places and at the same times. That this is not happening tells me we currently live in an era where women's rights are rapidly being removed and we are returning to roughly 1950s, with less hope for the future as things were going to improve then but now they are not.

If drag queens are mocking sexist stereotypes, then why don't they mock MALE sexist stereotypes? Why don't they mock male sexist stereotypes as Peter Sellers did in "Dr. Strangelove"?

No, they play with (not mock) FEMALE sexist stereotypes...even fetishsize them for their own pleasure.

Wish there was a relativelt neutral option. I neither like or dislike drag strongly, rather I like and dislike elements of drag.

I respect them for their craft as performers. I respect that they have to have a very fine tuned skill with makeup to pull off the effects they pull, illusion makeup that alters the shape of the face takes a lot of practice. My hand is not so steady and even basic eyeshadow looks like shit on me so I know the effort on that part alone is wild. also a lot of them make their own costumes, dancing in stack heels is HARD, and I appreciate them often challenging the hypermasculinity side of gay culture with the fem side.

However I think sometimes they can make jokes demeaning to women which bothers me. I also know there's a controversy in drag because some queens go on to be trans. but there's also female drag performers so I know the entire culture isn't just a monolith. I do think it was an interesting controversy though when rupaul said that people on hrt can't be in drag race because it's a performance enhancing drug in that situation. Rupaul got a lot of backlash for that but i think he's right. And the fact a lot of it has a sexual side I'm not interested in, e.g. they may perform in lingerie or fetish gear.

Tldr I respect them as creative performers but I also don't really give a flip about watching drag and there are a few things about it that bother me.

I like that men have the freedom to play with gender in crowds of other adults; I don't like how misogynistic they are (drag queens have always been shitty to me when they are in persona) and I don't like the creep of fetishized adult entertainment into everyday life.

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