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I'm not voting


Standing in a stupidly long queue to get some bits of paper that I'll end up drawing pictures on because there aren't any candidates worth voting for. At least the democracy sausage is back so the school can do some fundraising....

I voted “woman: adult human female” and “stop pandering to crossdressing perverts”.

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Drew some lovely pics and voted all independent for the senate. Wouldn't have voted if didn't get fined

It’s silly how they frame it as compulsory voting, isn’t it? Getting your name marked off is the compulsory bit. What you do with the ballot paper after that doesn’t actually come into it.

I know someone with a family member overseas so they are going to another voting place for them to vote so they don't get a fine. Wonder how much voting fraud like that happens. It's not like they check ID.

Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a lot. Like when you do postal voting - the whole “get a witness to sign” is a joke because it can be anyone.