This could be a really straight-forward case of jealousy and murder. Unusual for a woman to do this, but not unheard of.

But my spidey-senses are tingling. The woman under suspicion is now missing. And I hope the police are at least a little suspicious about the "boyfriend".

I hope they investigate him too, but it seems like his alibi for the time of the murder checks out (on first glance). The suspect, Armstrong, is now considered a fugitive.

This case is really bothering me. It's a terrible, heartbreaking tragedy - and also so unusual. Men commit murder all the time, but women typically don't. I can't get my head around it.

The suspect has not yet been found. Please spread the word to anyone you know in the Austin area.

Never having heard of her, I was expecting this to be another TIM murderer, since they’re ten a penny and reported as women.

Doesn’t seem to be.

Moriah Wilson was one of the nation’s top cyclists and was in the area for a race she was expected to win. She’s “famous” in the cycling world, if not the rest of the world.