I was about to delete this post bc of editorialized title BUT THATS THE ACTUAL HEADLINE… gotta love Vanity Fair

Yeah, I know the rule on circles about editorializing titles, and wouldn’t do it. It honestly bugs me when people do it, but I figure they just aren’t familiar with the rules if they do so.

Last year a female Tesla employee sued the company for sexual harassment, saying such behavior was “rampant” and alleging “nightmarish conditions” and a factory that “more resembles a crude, archaic construction site or frat house than a cutting-edge company in the heart of the progressive San Francisco Bay area.” (The company did not respond to multiple requests for comment from The Washington Post, which noted that Tesla “does not typically respond to press inquiries.”)

Beyond the actual sexual-misconduct allegations, it’s worth noting that Musk claimed to want to buy Twitter because he loves free speech and truthiness, arguing that “sunlight is the best disinfectant.” Which we already knew wasn’t actually true, considering, for example, his previous attempt to “destroy a Tesla whistleblower” and his paying a private investigator $50,000 to dig up dirt on the British cave diver he called “pedo guy.” Requiring the flight attendant to never speak of the money SpaceX paid her or “disclos[e] any information of any kind about Musk and his businesses, including SpaceX and Tesla,” would suggest the same!

Rejoicing about this man possibly buying Twitter came too early, especially for those in GC circles. This man is definitely a predator, and these are only 2 stories of sexual assault/harassment to come out so far. I suspect that more women will come out with their own horror stories.

Musk is gross AF and I’m glad to see him getting criticized for this. Unfortunately the press will probably forget about it in a week. :/

I can appreciate good coming through happenstance and I see him buying Twitter as that. It ultimately is a good thing for the corruption of social media, but I don’t think he’s a hero who did it out of ethics. My guess all along was a mixture of being a megalomaniac with ungodly amounts of money and someone with a significant interest in AI who would love to mine and own the data of a site like Twitter. I figure that’s also why there’s the fuss about the fake accounts. Seeing Twitter as a resource for honing AI makes it matter if there are tons of fake accounts, otherwise the meaning is, what, “wah this attention-getter isn’t as popular as I thought it would be”?

Seen people posting old articles about shit he's done on twitter and his fanboys are like "see, the campaign against him has begun as he said" and people then point out the article is old af. x'D

Tho, I think he's donated more to repubs than democrats in the past? So I feel like he already leaned that way

Right? I think he already leaned that way too. He’s a billionaire/businessman, FFS. Like, of course he’s gonna look out for his own selfish interests. I think now he’s finally just using this as a pathetic strategy to avoid criticism. He was a closeted repub before, now he’s an out one. 🙃

His tweets having been getting progressively more nuts. I follow one on Twitter called “duty to warn” (as in psychiatrists and therapists that have spoken out about Trump’s mental status) and they tweeted that Musk is virtually manic lately.

Tesla’s stock is plunging. Perhaps that is why…

Wow, I looked at the account you mention (and then his account) and you weren’t kidding! That shit is very frightening especially since he has so much power.

And speaking as someone who has bipolar, I feel like the stock plunging would more likely cause depression. But no, I think that the whole stock started to fall with his absurd “buying Twitter” shit. To me, I think that whole thing has been indicative of mania. I think the stock is falling because of his manic actions, if that makes sense? Investors are starting to see how risky he is.

I found this image of a tweet (the original tweet seems to have been deleted), but WOW, the timing is fucking scary.


Yep! I saw that one this morning. He is unraveling.

I never understood the fanboy worship of Musk on preddit.

The tweet is basically one large sign, saying, “Do not apply here if you’re a woman because I will sue you if you say you were harassed or discriminated against.”

God, he’s disgusting and drunk with power. It’s worrying that he has children... and keeps having them!

Weird how he had like 7-8 boys in a row and then finally a daughter. I heard that his previous ex said he made her terminate female fetuses... I honestly believe it.

And yeah, sadly it’s not just preddit; I saw that he has millions of fanboys fapping to his every move on Twitter too. I assume it’s the whole internet. Men worship him because they want to be him. It’s weird AF.

Unfortunately just like Kanye, he will probably never go on the bipolar/antipsychotic medication he so desperately needs.

Yes, you usually do impulsive things during manic periods, so him buying twitter is probably one of those impulsive things. And now he's regretting it, and in a depression....

I think he got freaked out at one point because he had helped Ukraine with Starlink and was subsequently getting threats from Russia. He posted something about how he might be 'found dead' or something. It did sound like he was a bit rattled.

I really, really wish it was JKR buying Twitter to unwokify it (because she's the only woman who has that kind of fuck-you money), instead of Muskrat turning it into his own personal two-minute-hate forum to weaponize it against anyone who remotely criticizes him or calls out his garbage behavior. It was a dick move for Twitter execs to make fun of his disability, but it's equally dickish on his part to explain away his assholery as having autism.