I hate the media. From the very very last line of the article - "However, the study found no significant correlation between hypothalamic volume and cognitive performance."

Got diagnosed with pmdd. I used contraceptives for at least 10 years of my life(that would be like a third of my life). I had already stopped the pill, but after the diagnosis, had to return using the pill so I don’t do anything extreme during what would be the normal pre menstrual symptoms. This thing is no kids play. Shit’s fucked up in so many levels… that i had to go back on contraceptives to function like a normal human being because my body got so wrecked by natural hormones is fucked up. I wish there was more research on the topic and i wish this wasn’t so downplayed as it was.

Ditto. I needed them to function because of pmdd and now I need coil to not bleed out and hrt because of peri.

Does the changes to the brain come because of the pill, or because of the disorders that mean we need the pill. And in what way is that a worse risk than extreme pmdd or extreme blood loss or unwanted/unplanned pregnancy etc.

Medication has risks. These shouldn’t be down played, but the cost versus risk analysis matters, because it isn’t a frivolous choice when we need them to function.

What would you have done if these pills were not available?

Pmdd is the fabled “pms that gets legal mitigation”. Because of that, i was planning and going to murder a doctor that was filmed raping a patient. I had schedules, plans, blueprints. I was hellbent on doing so. I wasn’t on my right head space. That doctor is already being punished by law and stuff, but i was either deluded i could do it for real or would have succeeded in doing so. So yeah…

Sounds like just another day in the office for the mercenary avenging soldier :)

I imagine you have a lot to lose if you go to prison so don't do it, but that doesn't sound insane to me at all, it sounds perfectly reasonable. 2 years and parole or whatever it happens to be, that's what's insane. (Of course fixation or obsession is not a a great mental state. But the actual idea of holding people accountable who are never held accountable by any system of laws-- that's sanity in an unreasonable world.)

Wait I’m on the pill rn 😳

What do you use them for? To avoid pregnancy or for another reason like PCOS? If it is to avoid pregnancy you could try looking into Saheli : https://mybody1.com/

My period symptoms were quite severe before the pill . I’d get really sick everytime I’d get really nauseous and throw up . Also the pain was sometimes too much and I did pass out once when I was about 16 . So by 18 I had enough and asked to be put on the pill to lessen my symptoms and it has helped a lot.

I see I have experienced some of these symptoms myself so i understand you... I have been looking into help to deal with these things myself as I have zero interest in messing with my hormones as hormones are serious stuff...