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Why is this happening? How can they believe so strongly in "gender affirming care" because otherwise trans people will kill themselves, while at the same time, suggesting that someone else with legitimate health issues commit suicide?

I fear for all of the elderly, disabled, and mentally ill people in Canada.

Because the trans cult priests are a scared cast, while females are inferior terf adjacent oppressors

As I said before welcome to Trananada. Where the TRA brainwash is in effect and some issues have to play second fiddle due to funding or because they think things like ablism is no more.

FTR I do support euthanasia for incurable-but-not-terminal illnesses/disorders including psychiatric and neurological ones, as I suffer myself and would give anything to check out peacefully. But I think there’s going to be a major scandal when detransitioners start pursuing euthanasia because their bodies are irrevocably deformed. It’ll be a subsequent government after Trudeau’s, maybe 7-10 years down the line, but I think it’s going to be a pretty big deal and sadly the only thing that’ll force Canada to confront gendermania.

This is frightening, because it can go from recommend to force, much faster than one can realize. Not necessarily hold down and inject, but make it impossible to live so a person feels there is no other choice.

It probably already has happened in that way to some people. This woman is a Paralympian, she has some resources and connections and she must have a lot of tenacity. So she speaks up.

But how many others are more desperate or more depressed or are carrying guilt about being dependent on others, and would have found a letter like this to be the final straw? How many felt coerced by poverty or by their relatives or simply by the state’s refusal to give them care they need?

You are right of course, it is a slippery slope. I’m just saying they’re already really far down it.

Yes, I agree. Quite easy to convince a person who has been a giver all their life that it would be better for everyone if they took the "peaceful" way out.

I can totally imagine the state offering euthanasia for people with chronic (but not necessarily terminal) illnesses that will inevitably lead to more health complications and if they refuse their healthcare benefits are withdrawn and they must pay out of pocket for all treatments from there on out.

I don’t think anything like that would happen anytime soon (at least I hope not) but I’m sure it eventually will in some parts of the world, and that governments would try to justify it by citing overpopulation and diminishing resources so anyone who is deemed ‘a burden to the system/society’ must lay down their life or foot the bill, which will be practically impossible for people with chronic illness unless they have family who can financially support them.

I don’t know why but I’ve had a sinking feeling that if/when the US legalizes medical euthanasia, they’ll start offering it to the homeless population free of charge.

Wouldn't surprise me in the least. Brave New World may not be that far off.

Oh, Canada...what happened to you?

No, we don't have a chairlift that meets your home's specifications, but can we offer you a cocktail of death instead to put you out of your misery?

Fucking unbelievable. Canada, why are you trying to vie with your neighbor to the south (my beloved homeland) in terms of callous craziness and becoming unhinged?

You know things are backwards upside-down when the Catholic church is looking like the good guys.

I think health care professionals should have to wait until the patient brings up Medical Aide in Dying.

This is so dystopian; I can't believe it's real life.

Soylent Green took place in 2022. And a Swiss company is manufacturing suicide pods now. It is most disturbing.

What will be the reaction when transgender people, who scream that their lives will be miserable if they don't have expensive surgery and become life-long medical patients with the taxpayer paying for their continued surgical revisions and medications, are also given the option of euthanasia to save the system money? Will this be when the tide turns, when transgender surgery and medicine is finally seen as expensive palliative care? Imagine a diagnosis of gender dysphoria being accompanied by MAIDs leaflets.

No silly, they’ll never offer it to TIP, but everyone else will be given the option of euthanasia so the trendy new chosen class can continue to burden the taxpayers’ with their experimental “treatments”, elective surgeries and the inevitable complications of said “treatments” and surgeries.

They've already helped a trans person commit suicide when they realised they had made the biggest mistake of their lives by transitioning. Failed experiments being deleted?

But wasn’t that like 10 years or so ago in an European country before gender ideology completely captured society? I have a hard time believing that the same would fly today.

It's horrifying that this happened, whatever the circumstances, but the article suggests that it may have been a rogue employee who made the offer. I want to learn more about this and I hope to god it's not widespread.

I support MAiD. (I'm a Canadian GP). I've had a few patients who benefited from it. I have doc friends who are providers. My one friend schedules a day off work every time she has a MAiD because it's so emotional for her.

This trend though is worrisome.

I recently found out (by chance, honestly by chance) that a doc who mostly just does Botox is also a MAiD provider.

Idk what to do with this information. I guess I was naive, I thought MAiD docs were GPs, oncologists, and palliative/hospice types etc.

I'm so conflicted.